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    We have many times travelled in an RV but this trip we're travelling light and will be tent camping and some hotel stays. We have a trip tick from AAA so our route is planned. We will be traveling for two weeks starting with Yosemite for a day. We're heading for Yellowstone, then Montana, Idaho and Washington. The question is, without knowing how long we will stay in each place, do we need to make reservations ahead for campsites, or hotels. Travel time is June 25th - July 10th. We kind of just want to play it by ear with our schedule but don't want to be turned away by camps or hotels that are booked. This is our first trip without an RV and a completely detailed plan.

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    It is already probably too late to get campsites inside Yosemite or Yellowstone, and maybe even to late to get a reservation at a motel near one of the entrances. You are going to be traveling at the height if the summer season for much of the area you'll be in, but still you should be able to find something if you look hard enough and are willing to settle in at some distance from your particular destinations. Motels in small towns and along Interstate highways will usually have rooms until well after sunset (again, away from major attractions) and national forests often offer distributed or dispersed camping where your only restrictions are that you park so as not to impede traffic and set up camp at some distance from any road or water source. Check with the individual ranger stations for details.


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