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  1. Default Do you have a rv ? I pay fuel and food ! Phila to appalachia to la to n. Calif to ? +

    SHARE COAST TO COAST RV TRIP .. DO YOU HAVE A RV ? I PAY FUEL AND FOOD ! PHILA TO APPALACHIA TO LA TO N. CALIF TO ? + BACK TO EAST COAST PHILA PA. What can you afford to spend? I am a 55 yr old vietnam era veteran non smoking sober open minded and spiritual type who traveled the USA from 2000 to 2004 in a minnie winnie winebago. I know all the roads. I had put on 70,000 miles on that trip. I do not own the RV anymore but we can rent one or buy one and resell it later on. I have to take with me my 87 yr old mother. She is in great shape and would love to see the USA before she passes. If your open to it let me know. I have funds enough to cover the fuel and food and i am a great cook. I am hoping to find someone who would buy or rent the RV. You can resell it afterwards. We might even find a RV to be delivered across the USA through one of the auto drive away delivery sites. I would like to go thru the appalachian mountains and go thru LA and see N. Calif and well and then i am open to anywhere else. I have been there so we won't get lost and i know how to drive a 24ft RV . Danie

    PS: I don't care about your age. I don't need a bed for me just for my mom. I eat lots of salads and veggies and have lived in a RV for over 4 yrs and traveled 48 states from 2000 to 2004


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    Default I'm up to driving my RV between NYC and FL, or CA

    Anyone who's up to paying for fuel can order up your routing!

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