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    Hi, my class is going on our senior trip next year (2011, probably May). We need help with ideas for where we should go. We are in Northeast PA. We are a class of 6 with 2 chaperones. We will have about $3500 dollars to spend and we can only drive. It also can only be around 6 or less hours away. If anyone has any ideas, please help.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Its very difficult for anyone to tell you where you should go for a trip, because that's really the first step of the planning process. If you don't even know where you want to go, its just hard to provide solid information.

    On top of that, we simply don't know anything about what you might be interested in, much less what your 5 other classmates would find interesting.

    Within 6 hours of NEPA, you've basically got the possibilities of places in a circle going from Boston to the East, Niagara Falls (possibly Toronto) to the North, Cleveland to the West, and Washington to the South.

    Any of those places, or anything about those distances away could work. I might lean towards Washington simply because it has a huge variety of things that you can see, and most of the major attractions, including the various Smithsonian museums, are all free which should help with your budget, but ultimately, its your trip and your group needs to figure out what it is that you are most interested in.

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    With such a small group, I think it would be easy to figure out the things that everyone is interested in and to be able to find an itinerary from that. Will this be a multiple day trip?

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    ya from a monday to a friday

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    The best place to go during spring break in Texas is, South Padre Island. I have a condo there i love it so much :-)

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    That's considerably more than 6 hours from Northeast PA.

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