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  1. Default The perfect Roadtrip car, sold in New York in mid-July 2010

    We are a couple from Denmark who are currently doing a roadtrip through Canada. We bought a GMC Safari 2000 van in Seattle on the 4th of may 2010, and have been driving around Canada since then. We are flying home from New York on July 22nd, but we will be arriving in New York the 14th of July. The Van is your perfect roadtrip car, with two front seats, and a built wooden bed in the back. You can easily put your luggage under the bed. The car is in great condition. It had just been serviced before we bought it. Furthermore it's insulated and panelled in the back, and comes with a transportable gas stove and kitchen utensils.

    All the best, Thorbjorn and Ellen

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    Default So how'd you do it

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    However, we will allow you to keep the basic information up, and have people contact you via this forum if you can share with us how you were able to purchase a car?

    We have many visitors from overseas who visit this forum who want to purchase a car for their roadtrip, but yet no one before has ever been able to explain how they could make it work legally.

    How did you get the license and registration taken care of, and how did you get insurance? Since nearly every state requires you to provide proof of residentcy to do the legal issues, and since most insurance companies won't provide a policy unless you have a US license, how did you get your trip off the ground?

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