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    I am new to the site so please excuse me if I am repeating myself. We are flying out to LA in June for our honeymoon, we are picking up our RV in LA and have to return it to LA 11 nights later. Route 101, Carmel SF and Yosemite are all a must. We are really finding it hard to make a decision as to where to stop off on route 101 We dont want to push ourselves too hard but do want to see as much as we possible can. We originally wanted to do the loop LA SF Vegas LA but think this might be to much for 11 nights. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You have the time to visit the places in your original thoughts, but of course it comes down to how long you might want to stay in each place. It would be possible to add the Grand canyon to that list, heading there from LA before Vegas or before heading back to LA from Vegas. Starting your trip out in the opposite direction from your original plan would put the ocean views and pull outs on your side of the road when heading South, and would also mean not having to pull across the traffic.

    There are many places to stop down the coast, Monterey/Carmel and San Simeon/Cambria area's being popular as they are in good locations. There are State parks along the way and various other to stop the night, here is a link to some of those.

    If you haven't booked in Yosemite NP it could be too late already but once you have worked out your dates I would look on the site to check availability, The Pines campgrounds are in a great location in the valley. If they are not available there are others outside the park, but one of the great things about camping in the NP [other than the great surroundings] is that you can use the free shuttle bus service to get around and not have to move the RV during your stay.

    You can find Lot's of info throughout the RTA pages, here are some of our favorite threads covering the area.

    Any other questions, please just ask. Enjoy the planning !

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