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    Default Portland to Seattle? Infinity Loop?

    Hi everyone! I was so excited to stumble upon this site, it is just what I need as I plan our first trip to the Pacific NW.

    On board: Me, Husband, and 6 year old daughter. All adventurous...we love hiking, geotracking, and animal watching, exploring small towns, you know the sort!

    When: Early August

    OK, I'm having trouble with the last leg of our trip. (The first leg is Portland to Humbolt County, CA and back). Then we are going to take just a few days to drive from Portland to Seattle to visit a friend and also take a cruise to the San Juan Islands. We have from Sunday late afternoon-Wednesday night when we need to check into the hotel in Portland in order to fly back home to Missouri on Thursday.) I know that's not much time. We can leave Portland around 1pm Sunday.

    What I DO know:
    Monday or Tuesday we'd like to take a cruise to the San Juan Islands.
    And we need to be in Portland by Wednesday night to sleep near the airport.
    Will be lodging with our friends in Seattle, and would like to stay one or two nights with them.

    Please help! I know there are literally DAYS of sights that we could see, but we won't have the time this trip. How can we make the most of the time we do have? Which way up? Which way back? And should we make use of the Infinity Loop? We'd love to see some waterfalls and mountains. And we will have spent the week prior driving along the Oregon Coast.

    SHOW ME the way
    Jennifer (from the SHOW ME STATE!) :)

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    Hi Jennifer, and welcome to RTA Forum.

    If you have the time, and I think you do, I can suggest two must see attractions. First, either on the way up to or back from Seattle, get off I-5 at Castle Rock and take highway 504 out to the Johnston Overlook at Mount St Helens. (it erupted 30 years ago this week) The scenery is beautiful all the way out and back. Allow at least 2-3 hours, as it is a 104-mile round trip.

    The Infinity Loop is great too, but get off I-84 at Exit 18 and take the Columbia River Scenic Highway. It will take you to Portland Womens Forum (the parking lot affords a perfect view), Crown Point Vista House, and several waterfalls including the best of them all, Multnomah Falls. You will have to do some hiking up to Wakeenah and Fairy Falls, but it is worth it. Then continue on to Hood River and down Highway 35 around Mount Hood.

    You can get a preview or two, but it might be best to see it for yourself and be dazzled. Keep us informed on your progress and record your trip for us. Good traveling!


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    Hi Harry,
    Thanks so much for the response, sorry for the delay in getting bck to you, I took break from planning but am back in the thick of it now, putting on the finishing touches for the most part. I love your ideas, I think we'll tke you up on them. Could you tell me one thing though - your plan for the Infinity Loop - I can't find what roads actully make up the loop - could you give directions and maybe an idea of how much extra time to allot for it? Thanks a million and I will wait on the pics, you are right - I want to see it for myself. :)

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