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  1. Default California road trip july 2010

    Hello to all,

    I'm planning a 12 day trip to california & las vegas - grand canyon this summer.
    it's my first time, so i'd like some advice to see if this my planning is possible, time is limited so i won't be doing too much:

    day 1 - arriving in Las Vegas early morning (visit las vegas day & night)
    day 2 - drive to Grand canyon early morning - stay overnight
    day 3 - day in Grand canyon
    day 4 - drive to Los Angeles (or fly?)
    day 5 - Los angeles (any suggestion for "must sees")
    day 6 - Los angeles
    day 7 - drive to yosemite (one day is enough?)
    day 8 - yosemite
    day 9 - yosemite
    day 10 - drive to san francisco
    day 11 - SF
    day 12 - SF
    day 13 - fly back home

    will i be missing alot with this planning? thank you in advance for all your suggestions!


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    Default Yes it is.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Your plan is fine but to answer your question with regards to the Grand canyon to LA, I would drive. It's a long day on the road but it will save 2 car rentals [and possible one way drop fees] and hanging around in airports.

    The drive from LA to Yosemite can be done in a day but from a personal point of view it would be a shame to miss out on the the very scenic coastal route 1. I must admit I am not drawn to the urban sprawl of LA and if you are unsure about LA, I would consider driving up the coast as an option.

    To help you decide you will find this this thread covering some routes, and this one on on the size of LA, plus this one with things to do while in LA.

    Enjoy the planning and if you have other questions, just ask away !

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