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    I'm trying to plan a road trip for this summer from Atlanta GA, where I live, to NYC. As it's my first road trip in US, I thought getting help is really essential.
    I'm interested to get a bit of all these cities/sites:
    Charlston SC , Ashville NC, Great Smoky Mountains National Park NC, Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive, Philadelphia PA, Washington DC, and NYC
    I'm planning to put 10 days for the trip at most, and hope to be able to visit as many as possible form the above list plus other places people think are worth to stop by.
    So, I have the following questions:

    1 - Any suggestions for a good route (if you can give me a link on Google Maps or similar maps that's gonna be great) and day by day details of the suggested plan?

    2 - General suggestions for lodging? Is it better to make reservations first or just look for a place in each stop? and if there's any place I can find good deals for that?

    3 - Same for rental cars? Any suggestions for renting a car for the trip? (That's my first time renting a car for a long trip, and I prefer to do this above driving my own car which is not that good, but need help on doing this, too)

    And finally any general advice you might have for a first-timer in road trips in US, or anywhere I can do more research if my questions are too general to answer:)


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    Default We Do What We Can

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Well we don't really do "day by day details of suggested plans". That sort of defeats the purpose of a RoadTrip which is for you to get out and explore the things that interest you at your own pace. for some general ideas of some sites available to you as you make your way north (and south?) take a look at this sample itinerary. As for lodging and rental cars, there are travel search and comparison sites that do a great job on such details such as Kayak, Travelocity,, and a host of others. There are simply too many variables for us to give generic advice as to which rental agency or motel chain is 'best' or even 'better'. In general, though, unless you plan to be near a major tourist attraction bear the height of its season, reservations are not required. Other than that, there are literally hundreds of pages of hints for planning and executing RoadTrips on this website. Far more than I can summarize in a single response. so have a look around and make the most of the resources available to you here, including asking further, specific questions you might have.


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    Thanks a lot for the help.
    I took a look at the post and it gave me some good ideas. I also reviewed the map and I'm thinking of this plan for my way north to NYC:
    Atlanta GA --> Charleston SC --> Virginia Beach VA --> Washington DC -->Philadelphia PA-->NYC NY
    I'm planing to stay a night in each of these cities, and hopefully I won't have a very long drive each day.
    I'm still looking for a route back in 4 or less days, but I don't know if it is possible that I drive some of my way back from Blue Ridge Pkwy or Skyline Dr and still have some different stops heading back to Atlanta.
    Are there good stops for the night on the way back from NYC to Atlanta that I can include one of these two beautiful roads in (I see that one possibility is taking skyline drive instead of the portion of I-81 b/w I-66 and I-64)

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    Default Virginia Beach, Blue Ridge Parkway

    Hello alireza,

    You've mentioned two places where I've spent a lot of time. Here are some thoughts:

    Charleston to VB is around 460 miles, well within maximum daily driving distance limits, but it's a fairly crummy drive up I-95 and across US 58 from Emporia, VA through the urbanized parts of Southeast VA (collectively referred to as Tidewater) to the VB Oceanfront. Once there, it's a bit of a slog back to I-64 and through the Hampton-Roads Bridge-Tunnel to Richmond, I-95, and on up to Washington, DC. For a slightly less hectic tour, allow me to suggest staying that night on the VB Bayfront instead. Book a room at the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel. There you'll see the sunset over the Bay and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (CBBT) to the west, you'll see all of the recreational, commercial, and military boating and shipping entering and leaving the Bay and Lynnhaven Inlet, and you'll be just 4 miles from getting on the CBBT the next day.

    For VB to Washington, you can avoid much of the hectic drive from VB to Williamsburg, VA and the hectic section from Fredericksburg, VA to DC by crossing the CBBT from VB to the Delmarva Peninsula and taking US 13 up into Maryland and then cross the Bay Bridge (where the roadway is around 200' above the Bay) and passing by Annapolis enroute to DC on US 50. On that day, the 10 mile drive to the east off of US 13 to Chincoteague is well worth it, and while you're there, you might as well drive the next 4 miles to Assateague and drive right up to the beach and have a walk on the shore. Grab an early lunch back at one of the waterway restaurants in Chincoteague before heading on back to US 13.

    From DC back towards Atlanta you can take a combination of Skyline Drive (SD) or the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) south from I-66 toward I-77 at Fancy Gap, VA. You can also travel down US 29 to Warrenton and access the SD there via US 211 or drop farther south to US 33 and access the SD at Swift Run Gap. As is often discussed here, both the SD and the BRP are beautiful, but slow. Maximum speed limits of 45 mph and plenty of places where 35 mph is the posted limit. There are all-too-often times when clouds and fog preclude seeing the views. The good fact is that as far south as around Roanoke, VA you can exit at any crossing and drop down to US 29 to the east or I-81 to the west and usually get below the clouds and continue your trip. If you stay on the BRP past Roanoke, you'd probably want to get off at I-77 and either jump north a short distance to I-81, thence south to I-75 down to Atlanta from Knoxville, or go south on I-77 to Charlotte, NC thence I-85 back to Atlanta. I haven't checked the distances either way, but can say the I-81 + I-75 route remains on the western fringes of the mountains or cuts back through them north of Atlanta and is thus somewhat more scenic.

    Have fun planning and taking your RoadTrip!


  5. Default Draft of Plan

    Dear Foy,
    Thanks a lot for the great suggestions, so I'm trying to revise my plan based on that, and I appreciate if you have any further suggestions to make it better:

    Day 1: Starting from Atlanta GA, I'll take I-75 --> I-16 --> I-95 to Charleston SC, passing Savannah GA. I'll stay at Charleston for the night

    Day 2: I'll take I-95 to Virginia Beach Bayfront (is this the name of a section of the city btw?) and stay the night there

    Day 3:I'll take CBBT to US-13 [Visit to Chincoteague VA will be a part of the day drive] to Annapolis MD and to US-50 to Washington DC (Could you be more specific on the best way to get to Annapolis from US-13, i.e. where to leave US-13 and into which road)

    Day 4: Visiting Washington DC, I'll leave to I-95 to stay at Philadelphia PA for the night

    Day 5: leave Philadelphia PA to I-95 to NYC NY

    Day 6 Visit NYC

    Day 7,8 (and maybe 9): leave to I-78 --> I-81 --> I-64 --> Blue Ridge Pkwy --> back to I-81 from Roanoke VA through I-581 and continue to I-81 --> I-75 back to Atlanta

    I'll be glad to hear more suggestions if any, and also I'm still wondering on one(two) stops on the way back which are good places to spend the night

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    The locals refer to the section of the City of Virginia Beach as the Bayfront. That term encompasses the area along Shore Drive (US 60) from Northhampton Blvd (US 13) all the way to Cape Henry, where the Bay becomes the Atlantic Ocean. I could be wrong, but I believe the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel is the only Bayfront high-rise hotel. If it's not, it's one of a very few.

    Save time for a stop just 3 miles into your trip across the CBBT. The southernmost of the 4 artificial islands is the only one where stopping and walking about are allowed. There's a small cafe and gift shop and a fishing pier (with free access since you've paid your toll to cross) and one can just about bet a large civilian or Navy ship will pass over the tunnel within 200-300 yards of the artificial island within any given hour of the day or night.

    North of Chincoteague, you pass into Maryland and at Salisbury, Annapolis/Washington-bound travelers leave US 13 and take US 50 through Cambridge and Easton, MD to the Bay Bridges and Annapolis on the Washington side of the Bay.



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