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  1. Default First Time RV trip LA - Grand Canyon - Las Vegas - San Francisco -LA


    I'm a south amercian, first time RV traveller, which just joined roadtripamerica. I've been going through the page and reading some posts.

    Since my native language is spanish, IŽll try to get the most information as possible from all you, expertise guys.

    IŽm flying on october to LA with my parents (68 yrs old) and wife. IŽll be renting a Happy Explorer (22") at Apollo Rental (any other suggestion?)

    I onle have available 12 days to complete my trip.
    The initial Trip, as follows:

    Day 1: LA - Grand Canyon (Is the skywalk a "must" location? or the National Park?)
    Any recomended campgrounds near Grand Canyon?

    Day 2: Visit Grand Canyon (morning) ... Road to LVegas
    Any recomended RV campground at LV?

    Day 3: Casino nights and visit to hotels at LV
    Same RV campground as the day before

    Day 4: Same as day 3

    Day 5: Road to Napa Valley... Wanting to go through Death Valley and near Yosemite Park.
    After reading many posts about Death Valley, IŽm still confused about getting through in a rented RV on October.
    Hoping to stay at a nice place before reaching SFrancisco.

    Day 6: Road to Napa Valley - Petaluma - San Francisco
    Any recomended RV campground at Petaluma or Napa Valley?

    Day 7: Road to San Francisco - Reach San Francisco at afternoon.
    Any recomended RV campground at SF?

    Day 8: San Francisco
    Same RV campground as day before?

    Day 9: San Francisco

    Day 10: San Francisco - road to LA though a road near the beach.
    Any beutiful beach an RV campground to stay?

    Day 11: Road to LA - LA

    Day 12: Finish trip at LA

    What do you think about the possible planning?


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    Default Racing against the clock.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Does day 1 include your arrival and collection of the RV ? If so there is no way will you get to the Grand canyon the same day. With LA traffic I would expect it to be 10 hours [plus] travelling in an RV.

    The South rim of the National park is where I would head and you will find info on campgrounds on the National parks web page at I would recommend the Mather campground, but it is quite possibly already booked up.

    The road to Skywalk is partly unpaved and not ideal for an RV and would most likely be against your rental agreement terms.

    You really haven't got enough time at the GC and you can expect a 6 or 7 hour journey to Vegas. In Vegas "Circus Circus" on the strip has RV parking but a lovely resort is the "Oasis RV park."

    In October you should be fine to go through Death Valley but check with your rental company. Again you really are rushing through and won't have any time to really enjoy anything as you will be driving most of the time. Personally I would enjoy Death valley and stop in the Bishop area and then spend a night in Yosemite and go direct to SF and leave Napa/Petaluma out of it. Another problem might be the Tioga pass [CA120] into Yosemite from East to West, the later in October you are travelling the more chance of the road closing due to ice or snow at high elevations. It is still possible to go South around the mountains from Death valley but leave even less time to visit Yosemite.

    You might have to cut down on a little time in SF as well if you want quality time at Grand canyon, but you really are setting quite a pace as it is.

  3. Default Considering Suggestions

    Dave, txs for your quick response and suggestions.

    Since IŽm just planning the trip IŽll considered your suggestions.

    Do you have any options for RV Campground/Parking at San Francisco?

    Txs Again for your suggestions.

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    Default Limited.

    I have no first hand experience of RV parks in SF but your choices are limited. I know that Candlestick park has a shuttle bus service into the City, and I also would not recommend taking an RV near the City centre.

  5. Default West Side of Grand Canyon


    Can anyone tell me if thereŽs a West rim on the Grand Canyon where I can ride an RV and watch the whole extension of the Canyon without visiting the Skywalk?

    IŽm limited on time so I want to stay near Las Vegas while being at Grand Canyon... any suggestions?


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    Default extention?

    I'm sorry, I just don't know what you mean by "watch the whole extension of the Canyon"

    Put simply, the "West Rim" where you'll find the skywalk is not part of Grand Canyon national park, its part of an Indian Reservation. There are no campgrounds that I'm aware of at the West Rim, and in fact, as Dave already mentioned, since reaching the west rim requires a long drive on a gravel road, you probably can't drive there in a rental RV anyway. If you want to view the West Rim, I believe you'd have to take a park and ride option. From the sounds of it, you're looking for something that doesn't exist.

    If it were me, I'd plan to visit the National Park, and plan to spend at least one night there in one of the NPS campgrounds. You're looking at a 6 hour (minimum) drive back to Las Vegas.

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