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    Default Drive time on Hwy 7 in Arkansas

    I've been on Hwy 7 in north central Arkansas but that was 15 years ago and I don't recall how long it took. I do recall it was slow going because of all the twists and turns. The part I'm interested in is from Harrison to Russellville. Does anyone know how long it takes to drive this section? I'm only looking for drive time. I'll then add what I think I need for stops. tells me it takes about 2 hours to drive this 86 mile section. It seems to me like it took us longer.

    Bing map of the route

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    Default It's Still Software, But...

    Streets and Trips© puts it at a shade over 2˝ hours, which is less than 35 mph on average. so that seems reasonable to me.


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    That reminds me...I just bought the latest S&T and need to install it.

    I suppose you're right. I just remember it seemed so much longer than that. Besides, a half hour either way is no big deal. Thanks.

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    I'd allow 3 hours not including stops. It's not going to be any better now than it was 15 years ago.

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