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    Hi Everybody
    We are from Sydney Austalia, living in Toronto Canada ( husband's work commitments). We are planning a round trip from Toronto to NewYork. Thanks AZBuck and Midwest Michael, have been reading your posts, re routes and am still putting it together.
    We have 15yr son and 12 yr daughter. We are still looking into driving our jeep or renting an RV. ??? Any advise??? We will have about 2 - 3 weeks. My other question is where should we spend the 4th of July? We love small town communitys and although we love the cities as well, we would prefer small town USA for the 4th of July.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If by 'Jeep', you mean the traditional 4WD open topped utilitarian vehicle (Wrangler), then I think I'd look for something a bit more comfortable for a family of four on an extended RoadTrip. But a full up Jeep SUV (pretty much every other model in their lineup) would be fine for such a trip. RVs seldom make economic sense, and aren't the most nimble of vehicles for exploring the back roads. If you have a Wrangler and are looking for a rental vehicle, consider a minivan.

    Fourth of July is a great time to experience small town America. Figure out the general area where you're going to be and do some pre-trip web searches for parades, etc., the smaller the town the better. Pay attention as you drive along for overhead banners, flyers in convenience stores, radio announcements and the like. In the evening, plan on being somewhere with a good fireworks display and decent viewing. The towns at the ends of the Finger Lakes are particularly good in both regards. Watkins Glen, Ithaca, Canandaigua, and Auburn all have community displays, and if you can find a viewing spot where you also see the reflection in the lake, you get double the show.

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    I agree go with the jeep. since you have that much time the midwestern states have great festivals this time a year. my home town of Fairbank, IA is having what they call "Fairbank Days" on 24-27. Its not the 4th I know, but if you want to take a massive detour and see real small town america hit up the midwest.

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    Fantastic. Great advise AGAIN.

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