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    i am moving from los angeles to chicago and am driving my '96 geo prizm out there over a 5-day memorial day weekend. i'm spending friday night in las vegas (i've never been and need to go before i leave LA) and i'm staying with a friend in omaha on monday night. that leaves saturday, sunday, and monday during the day to make it from las vegas to omaha.

    i'm going to drop about $800 into my car to do whatever the guys at the shop tell me to do so that my car makes it safely to chicago and will function when i get there. still, i'm worried about her since she's an old compact car.

    my question is this: how demanding is I-70 through the colorado rockies? should i be worried about that stretch and go a different route? if so, would it be better to do I-80 above the colorado rockies (and is this really "above them at all?) or I-40 below them?

    thanks for any insight!!!

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    I certainly wouldn't take I-40, just because that's going to add a whole lot of miles. In reality, if your car is in good enough shape to make the cross country trip, then there really is nothing about I-70 that should be problematic. That said, I-80 doesn't go up over as much elevation as I-70 and the distance is pretty close so its a perfectly reasonable options. If you do go up through Salt Lake, I'd recommend taking I-15 to I-84 to avoid the major elevation gain on I-80 east of SLC

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