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    Hi, I'm intendting to travel by car from Tulsa, Ok to Portland Oregon in mid-July. Time isn't an issue, and I'd prefer to not to have to drive on the interstates often. I'd like to find nice place to camp along the way that would be safe for a single female travling alone. I really want this trip to be memorable, and would love for it to be scenic. Does anyone have any advice for me?

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    It is, of course, possible to travel pretty much everywhere in the US without using the Interstates and to find safe affordable camping, but both take a bit of work. First, a route. I've driven various parts of the trip you're about to take, and while I can recommend some of those roads from personal experience, I think It's going to be almost impossible for you to find an uninteresting road. For example US-54 across Kansas lets you experience the prairie and the relationship between the land, the people and the railroad. Greensburg, KS is a town that was totally destroyed by a tornado some years ago and is now rebuilding tell as an energy efficient, green city. US-400 up to Dodge city puts you onto US-50 which will take you to Pueblo, CO and on through the Rockies by way of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. CO-139 north from just west of Grand Junction is just the type of two lane road through the mountains that John Denver used to sing about, eventually hooking up via CO-64 with US-40 into Salt Lake City. While it's possible to get up to the Snake River Valley from here without using Interstates, I-84 offers the only reasonable route to Burley, ID where you can pick up US-30 through the Thousand Springs area. Another short run on I-84 between Bliss and Boise and you can pop back off onto US-20 and then US-26 through Oregon. As a final treat to yourself take OR-35 north up the east side of Mount Hood to Hood River and enter Portland on the Historic Columbia River Highway.

    As for safe camping, your best bets are at state parks and commercial campgrounds that typically draw more families and have more campers in sight of your site. The trade-off, of course, is less solitude. Each state maintains a website listing its parks and campgrounds, as do the major commercial chains such as Jellystone Park, KOA, etc. I'd try to get a brochure from each of the commercial chains listing their locations, and know beforehand which state campgrounds are going to be on your route and near where you plan to stop each evening.


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    There is a group called Loners on Wheels that might be a good resource for you. I believe the people in the group are all very welcoming, nice, etc. Below is a quick description (which I pulled off their website) of what they're all about:

    Loners on Wheels is a singles RV club. We are an RV Club of legally single men and women who enjoy traveling, camping, RV caravaning and the lifestyle of singles; we are not a matchmaking or dating service, companionship and support is what we're about.

    Hope this helps?

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