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  1. Default East to West Roadtrip- Looking for fun things to do along the way!

    I am going to be making the journey west this summer and am hoping for some interesting/random/fun/unique stops along the way. My first stop will be Nashville, then Denver (probably by way of Kansas City, unless someone has a better suggestion), then Moab, UT, then the Grand Canyon, and ending in San Diego. Can anybody suggest good routes or an interesting stop to break up the driving?

  2. Default Kansas City and West

    I'm doing a similar trip in the opposite direction. I have found the Auto Club's trik tik program to be fantastic. It points out many many places of interest along your chosen route, also lodging.

    For Kansas City we have targeted the Jazz Hall of Fame and the Negro Leagues Baseball Hall of Fame (which seem to have a joint ticket you can buy) and Truman and Eisenhower museums are right there.

    Also we plan to look around extensively on Google resturants for suggestions, we have found the reviews to usually be spot on.

    Good luck


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    Where are you starting from, and how long do you have to make this trip?

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