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  1. Default Virgin Holidays, Amazing offer if you are under 25 and want to Roadtrip!!

    Hey guys,

    Just booked my flights and car hire for the summer, planning a road trip from san fran to san diego!! Really looking forward to the sun and fun of california!

    When planning to book this holiday we were hitting lots of dead ends in terms of one way fees/ under 25 fees/ additional driver fees, each coming to over $400 so our budget was going out of the window....just when I'd almost given up I decided to call Virgin holidays and get a quote on how much they would charge for the flights and car as a package. not only did they give me a good price for flights and car hire they also were able to put me on the Platuinum insurance package which meant that all those fees were included and all add-ons were included for the car (including a full tank of petrol and best insurance to cover for everything). SO all the one way, additional driver and under 25 fees were included in car hire for 16 days coming to around £350 Much much better than any quote id had with hidden charges and fees!

    So for you guys under 25 this is a great deal to make sure you are covered on every base and not stuck with having to pay for ridiculous add ons at the car rental counter!!


    Would love it if you guys have any tips for us we leave at the end of august until the start of sept, settign off from san fran, then driving lesuirely down to LA, the LV back to LA and down to SD!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    We hope your deal works out as planned, however, anytime you're getting a deal thats vastly better than what you are finding elsewhere, its doubly important to check all the fine print and make sure your actually getting what the salesman told you. A whole lot of people end up getting an unwelcome surprise about what is actually included or not included when they book a package that seems too good to be true. That's even more important when you're dealing with a 3rd party company who won't actually be providing the rental car and you're dealing with extra fees, like underage/multiple drivers.

    As far as your actual trip, your plans fall under the most frequently discussed topic on the forum, so there are thousands of threads that can provide you with excellent background information. I will say your current routing doesn't make much sense. Why would you go for LA to Vegas, then double back to LA, before going to San Diego. At the very least, you'll save a few hours by driving directly from Vegas to San Diego - but depending upon your time, it would probably make even more sense to drive to San Diego from LA first, and then finish your trip by driving straight to Vegas - or even continue on through Death Valley and Yosemite and do a complete loop back to San Francisco.

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