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    6-week roadie x-country with 3 kids in a Suburban. Planning to use motels all the way, no camping gear, but possibly taking some cooking gear.

    What should I not leave home without that might not be readily apparent?

    Thanks for the help in advance.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Actually, this topic promoted an MSN Article by Mark, and one of the best conversations we've had on this forum. I'd start by checking it out!

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    Here's a cut-and-paste from the spreadsheet I use to create a packing list. This is from a 10 day roadtrip from the SF Bay Area to Southern Oregon... use it as food for thought. Sorry the columns won't line up but you should get an idea.
    Clothing Ö Ö Things you wear on a daily basis
    Underwear 9 Briefs, undershirts | panties, bras, pantyhose
    Casual shirts/Tshirts 9 Polos, tshirts, etc.
    Dressy shirt/blouse 3 Longsleeve dress shirt
    Dressy pants/dress 3 Wool slacks
    "Smart" shirts/blouse 6 Polos
    "Smart" pants/dress 6 Khakis, dockers
    Shorts 1-2
    Jeans 1-2
    Dressy shoes 1
    Sandals 1 ...or Crocs or Keens or….
    Sneakers 1
    Water Sandals 0
    Casual socks 9 Cotton and/or ….
    Dress socks 3
    "Smart" socks 6
    Belts 1-2 As per rest of wardrobe
    Sportscoat/Dress Jacket 1
    Jacket 1
    Sweater 1
    Scarves 0-4 As per rest of wardrobe
    Workout clothes 1
    Bathroom/Sleepwear 1 PJs, robe, slippers
    Personal Care/Grooming Items Things to make you clean and presentable
    Toothbrush/toothpaste 1
    Deodorant 1
    Shaving stuff Face, legs, whatever…
    P.F.H.I * * Personal feminine hygene items As needed per phase of moon
    Medicines, vitamins, etc Inhaler, Tylenol PM/Valerian root, vitamins
    Shower items Shower gel & sponge, shampoo, conditioner
    Appearance material Hair spray, cosmetics, skin care creams
    Appearance tools Circular brushes, tweezers, nail clippers
    Jewelry, etc. Watch(es), earings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.
    Entertainment/Activity Items Things you use when having fun

    Books whatever Per taste/need
    Reading light 1 Itty-bitty book light, mini mag-light, headlamp
    Personal music device/music/headphones iPod, CDs; plus charger, adapter, etc.
    Needling Needlepoint, knitting
    Camera(s), etc. Camera, lenses, chargers, offloading device
    PLB 1 Should be in backpack (hiking or roadtrip only)
    GPS 1 Should be in backpack (if taking)
    Hat 1 For hiking
    Sunscreen 1 Should be in backpack
    Hiking boots(socks) 1 Not sure we'll use, but let's bring anyway
    Swimsuit 0
    Beach Towel 0
    Miscellaneous All that other stuff
    Plastic (credit cards, ATM card, etc.)
    Sunglasses 1 pair
    Cell phone Plus charger (wall and/or car)
    Laptop plus power cord and spare battery
    Spare batteries AAs and AAAs
    Storage devices Flashdrive, blank CDs, blank DVDs
    Pillow Per taste/need

    Medical kit My camera/camera bag/tripod
    My luggage Linda's luggage
    Tire inflator Needlepoint/knitting bag(s)
    My briefcase/laptop Linda's briefcase/laptop?
    Chains Tool kit
    Cooler Paper towels/wet wipes

    Maps and Tourbooks Umbrella(s)
    Spare water Coffee stuff
    Snacks Hiking poles
    Backpack Nalgene bottles

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    If you plan on any stays in vacation rental homes that have kitchens you should make sure to take coffee filters. Most places have coffee makers available but they're pretty useless without filters.

    My family has been vacationing at the beach with 3 other couples and their kids every year for over 15 years. We've pretty much got our packing routine down to a science.
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