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  1. Default from houston to lake charles to new orleans road trip.

    got my dads sister and husband coming next week... Planning a road trip to go to Lake Charles, New Orleans, and see the Mississippi river and come back...
    planning to leave 23rd night @ 7ish. spend the night in lake charles and check out some casinos. leave lake charles @ noon and go to new orleans.

    for those of you who have been to lake charles or new orleans or have taken a road trip like this... give me some ideas of routes (going in car), places to stay (hotels), what to see/do. what are some casinos in lake charles that are to check out and places to stay?

    Plan is to spend one night at lake charles and two nights in new orleans.

    Isle of Capri has this deal:
    Casino Escape Package, $59*
    Package includes:

    * One night stay, Sunday – Thursday
    * $20.00 in IslePlay or promotional chips
    is this any good? it will be 5 adults. any good deals or places that aren't expensive?

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    The simplest route to take from Houston to New Orleans via Lake Charles is I-10 along the gulf coast. If you want to get off of the interstate and have some extra time you can go south to Galveson and get on 87 east on the Bolivar Peninsula. 87 will take you up to I-10 after it breaks away from the coast. Head on I-10 and get off where I-10 and US-90 split and travel on US-90 to Lake Charles. You can take 90 all the way to New Orleans as well. You can go on US-90 for the entire trip also. Another interesting thing would be to head on I-12 and get off at US-190 to go across Lake Pontchartrain to get into New Orleans.

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    thanks. what about places to stay? casinos to check out? tips on the area?

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    No problem. I've found and sites similar very helpful. So depending on your budget you can select and look at reviews by people that stayed at various hotels in the area. There are casino hotels such as the Isle of Capri Hotel & Casino among others in Lake Charles. In my travels through Louisiana (more north in the Shreveport area) there were casinos in the rest stops! So take your pick of a very wide array in the area. There are dozens of options in New Orleans as far as hotels. If you have your budget set take a look at a site like a to search for hotels in your budget range/

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