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    My boyfriend and I are moving to LA, and we are making the trip with our two very car-unfriendly, motion-sick cats. We've got the motion-sick thing covered with meds, I think, but we want to make the trip as quickly as possibly, ideally in about 5 days (which I believe translates to roughly 8-9 hours of driving every day). I'm hoping others can suggest good, equal stopping points (as in, where to stop for the night...googlemaps doesn't have a feature that divides long trips into equal segments), hopefully each near campgrounds where we can stay.

    Thanks so much for your help and wish us luck!

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Depending on which route you want to take, as there is more than one main route, which you are looking at covering around 550 miles per day, more like 9-10 hours per day over 5 days with time for short breaks for food, bathroom, stretching the legs and filling up with gas. So to keep to a schedule you need stops around that distance. Heading down to I 40, these would be around Richmond IN, Springfield MO, Amarillo TX, Winslow AZ to LA.

    Because of the need to set up camp each night and break down each morning, I think an extra day would be worthwhile if you can take the time to do so, it would certainly be more relaxing.

    I would do a little research to find campgrounds around each area to see what appeals to you, good luck and hope you have a good trip with the kitty's !

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    Default Camping Concerns

    I'm usually a big fan of camping while on the road - however, doing that while moving with cats would be a concern to me.

    Basically, what are you going to do with your cats while you are sleeping and while you set up/tear down camp? Are you going to force them to stay in the car? Are you going to try to keep them in a tent with you? Are you going to try to put them on a leash outside?

    Personally, I've moved across country with cats before, and I've also tent camped a lot, and I don't like any of those options. I would recommend that you stick with motels for this trip, so your cats will have a place to get comfortable - and eat, sleep, litter box - at the end of a long day on the road.
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    Thanks so much for the advice, Dave and Michael. I did have some concerns about camping with them, but I thought one of us could stay in the car with them while the other setup the tent (I also got harnesses for both of them so there wouldn't be any escaping to/from the tent). I think you've confirmed a lot of the worries I had, and we might end up Motel 6-ing it (and I'll just have to suppress my pathologic fear of bedbugs!). Dave, I think we might end up taking your advice and extending the trip by an extra day...we're racing against the moving pod we're shipping across the country, but I think an extra day will make the whole ordeal much more pleasant. Thanks so much for the help!

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    Yeah, I would really agree with going the budget motel route. Having one of you sleeping in the car means you're not going to be getting a good night sleep, and its never really going to give your cats a chance to be comfortable. Trying to plan

    Generally speaking, you shouldn't have any problem finding motel rooms, so I would just keep your plans flexable. Personally, I'd probably try to make the trip in 5 days - but leave myself room where I can take a 6th if I discover I'm not making as good of time as I'd hoped and/or I realize that I'm just trying to do more than I'm comfortable with.

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