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    Hi Guys,

    I need your help! I am going on a road trip in late June/Early July. I will be in New York on June 28th, problem is I will have an RV with me and have no idea where to go!

    I have tried Liberty Harbour RV park and they are fully booked, every other place i find looks to be quite a distance from NYC. I have never been to New York or indeed have never been on an RV road trip.

    Have you guys any ideas or advice, I really want to spend at least one night in New York. Are there any walmarts in the city that allow RV's? I dont mind travelling altho just not a crazy distance into out of city.


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    Default a tough one

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think we've had people indicate they've found a Walmart somewhere in New Jersey where they were able to park - but I don't have any good knowledge of where it was. Otherwise, I suspect your best bet will be to look north of the city. North of the Tappan Zee Bridge (I-287) you should start finding some options. If you can stay on the east side of the Hudson, you can hop on the Metro North trains for a fairly easy commute into the city.

    Otherwise, perhaps the question is - why are you planning to take an RV for this trip? If you've never taken one before, New York City doesn't seem like the ideal place to get your feet wet.

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    I'm going to have to agree with Michael on this one. New york City will be a difficult place to ride an RV through. The area surrounding NYC is heavily urban and you are going to have to go well north and west of the city (up to an hour away) to find a spot for an RV that isn't a parking lot. Will you be towing a car? Hopefully. You can go from your RV to a train station and head to NYC that way. Where are you coming from that an RV would be needed?

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    I am picking the RV up in Boston and I will have it for close to 3 weeks, I am travelling from the UK. I am travelling along the coast, then in towards New Orleans etc.

    I just wanted to include New York for maybe a day or two and had seen Liberty Harbour, just didn't think it would be all booked up.

    I have decided that I will have to just stay outside the city and travel in, there are quite a few RV parks outside the city that offer day trip tours into the city. It looks like that is my only option.

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    Well, your other option would be to wait until you are out of the Northeast to pick up the RV. You probably won't want to have it in Boston either, and there is frequent train service from Boston to NYC. If it were me, I'd wait until I was done with those 2 cities before worrying about the RV.

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    True. Amtrak offers Boston to New York trains a few times a day. Boston and New York also have good public transportation systems.

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