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    Contrary to some media rumors, there's no trace of the BP oil slick near our beaches. Come on down! They are as beautiful as the photos with this route and the fish are biting. Will post a comment here if things change, but looks like we are not in peril now.

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    Travelwisdom, with the new law approving red light cameras approved by Gov. Crist on May 13, visitors now need to be aware that they may be photographed and fined $158 per incident for entering intersections on yellow if the light turns red while any part of the car is in the intersection, even half of the back tires and the back bumper. Visitors need to know where these cameras are in every town that they visit before they go to those locations so they don't end up short of money and can protect themselves by taking other routes or avoiding those locations.


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    Interestingly, according to the Governor's Highway Safety Association, 23 states and the District of Columbia have red light camera programs currently operating. 12 states and the District of Columbia also have speed camera programs currently operating.
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    Very good news about the beaches! It would be so tragic if they were ruined.

    Interesting as well about the red light cameras.


    Weird that the post count for comments is still reading zero, when clearly there are four comments herein?



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