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  1. Default Vancouer to San Fransisco with a Baby (11 months), anyone done it, advice??

    My husband and I are looking to road trip from Vancouver to San Fransisco leaving May 22, so next week, it was a last minute decision, we are very excited but feeling a little overwhelmed by the planning with a baby. Has anyone done this before or have any advice on where to stop/stay with a baby, we will definitely being doing a hotel/motel or B&B, recommendations would be awesome. Not sure where to make our first stop? HELP!!!!!!
    Thank you, Lisa

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    How long are you planning to take for this trip and what do you want to see on the way? Vancouver WA or BC?

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    We are planning from May 22 to June 8 or 9, so about 16 days, we are heading to Pleasanton an hour outside of San Fran as my girlfriend moved there from Vancouver. The only is that we want to stay with her for about 4 nights otherwise we are open to any suggestions. We like outdoor stuff. Not sure which route to take, the scenic one down and the more direct back?

    From Vancouver BC (actually from Abbotsford, BC) just up from Sumas, WA border.

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    Default Not Too Hard

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Well, you're looking at around 930 miles for the drive from Abbotsford to Pleasantville, and it's just a straight shot down I-5, so this is very doable in two days on the road with an overnight in either Eugene and Roseburg, Oregon. Eugene is a college town, and so should have plenty of accomodations available while Roseburg is smaller andquieter with fewer lodging choices, but I suspect you could find something suitable in either town. The main thing when traveling with small children is to just stop every few hours and let them (and you) get some fresh air and exercise, and maybe a picnic lunch. And I'd probably take the direct drive down to see how your little on holds up. If the 'shorter' drive works out, then you can try a longer scenic drive home along the coast or following the inland mountain ranges.


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    Default It can be done.

    My wife and I drove from Concord (20-odd miles north of Pleasanton) to Vancouver for the '86 fair with not only an 11 month old, but his three year old sister and lived to tell about it.

    We took about three days on the way up, and (if I recall) a more leisurely trip back.

    I would agree you should 'sprint' down to see how things go, but I'd suggest taking three days to do it. Of course, if the kid falls asleep....

    At this time of year, and as long as you avoid Memorial Day Weekend, I would think finding a motel should be pretty easy. If you ARE on the road that weekend (5/29-5/31) I'd book in advance, esp. with a small child in tow.

    For three days I'd break at/around Portland, then Medford.

    On the way back, if you want to see some scenery, I would suggest some part of (but maybe not all) the California coast CA1 from Jenner through Mendocino back to US101, then on through the redwoods. From Crescent City you'd probably want to head back inland to Grants Pass, then back north. If you REALLY have time to burn, you could continue up the Oregon Coast part or all the way to Astoria.

    If you decide to cut over from the Oregon coast to I5, please make sure it's on a major road; people have gotten lost/stuck between 101 and I5 when they mistakenly took logging/secondary roads.

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    Default Up and down.

    Not sure which route to take, the scenic one down and the more direct back?
    I rarely disagree with the two fellow's above but with 16 days and only 4 nights at your friends I wouldn't "sprint" anywhere. You could take your time and enjoy scenery in both directions. On the way down the coast and Redwoods and an inland route on the way home, maybe through Lassen volcanic NP and through Shasta forest to Mt Shasta and then to Klamath falls and Crater lake [that will likely still have limited access]. Before leaving you could take a trip to Yosemite NP, a true wonder !

    Use the search function to find info [there will be many threads covering the routes] with a good map to hand and start placing some dots for places of interest to you, then see how they can work into 2 routes. Don't worry about baby, as long as it is with Ma and Pa it will quite happy ;-)

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    Thanks everyone your info has been helpful, but still a little confused, I was reading on another thread that the scenic route can take 22 hours and the more direct route can take upto 17 hours. At which point should I cross over the highway to the scenic route and where do you think our first stop should be, we were thinking portland, but not sure if almost 6 hours is too much on baby for the first drive. Thoughts?

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    With normal stops, Vancouver to SF via fastest route is more like a 20 hour drive - 2 full days. It will be considerably longer via the scenic route due to 2 lane roads and considerably lower speed limits.

    Your 6 hour figure from Vanc to Portland assumes no border crossing delays, no traffic delays in Seattle, and fastest route with minimal stops. There's nothing wrong with "winging it" - if you can't make Portland, there are plenty of roadside motels along I-5.

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