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    Me and a few mates have been planning a trip starting in New York, going down the west coast then across the south, up and round to the east coast, finishing... somewhere with an international airport.

    Problem is wer'e english. We'll all be 19 by then, and the planned dates are (roughly) july and august 2011. I'm sure this'll be enough time - we can always cut the route down - but does anyone know about cars?

    we were thinking of buying a car in newyork, selling it at the end. What do we need to do this? obviously we all have (British) driving licences but what about insurance/registration?


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    Default Short and (Not So) Sweet

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The short and simple answer to your queries is that your trip is impossible. You simply cannot buy, register, license, and insure a car in the US without a permanent US residence. This question has come up several times before and no one has come up with a workable solution. And even if it were possible the costs would be prohibitive. Remember that you'd be buying retail and selling wholesale, and that you'd be a 'motivated' buyer/seller on both ends of the deal. Then, of course there are all the fees and insurance, each of which you'd have to pay for on at least a 6 month basis if not longer. Finally, while New York law requires that hire companies rent you a car at 18, this is against standard practice in the industry which doesn't usually rent cars to anyone under 21, so not only will there be hefty underage driver charges ($50/day/driver) but there are also typically geographic and mileage restrictions which make your proposed trip physically if not fiscally impossible. I wish I had better news for you, but better that you found out now than flying over here and finding out 'on the street'.


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    OK thanks... my friend's dad has a place in new york, would it be possible to register it to there?


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    No, it really wouldn't.

    To register a car and get insurance, you'll need to get a US Drivers License. To get a drivers license, you need to do more than provide an address - you need to prove that you actually live there, which is basically impossible to do when you are visiting on the Visa Waiver Program.

    Really the only way your dad's friends address would be helpful is if he had a car that he'd let you borrow, but that would be an incredibly risky move on his part. First, he'd have to add you and your friends to his insurance, which because of your ages and your lack of US Driving Records, would be extremely expensive. Second, if you were to get into an accident of any kind, he could be found financially liable for any and all damage that isn't covered by insurance. Simply put, asking him to put a car in his name would be an extremely big request and has the potential to create all sorts of long term problems.

    I wish we had a better answer, but the reality is for an international visitor under the age of 21, public transportation options really are about your only choice - as limiting as those options may be.

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