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    I'll be traveling from Las Vegas to San Francisco on the 21. - 29. 5. this month. I would like to spend last couple of days (i.e. form the 27. of may) in San Francisco, but for the rest of the trip I would like to see some of the national parks on the way.

    I was hopping to see quite some number of them: Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Death Valley, Kings Canyon, Sequoia National Park, Yosemite, peraps Tahoe Lank and/or Big Sur...

    I was wondering if you have some advice regarding this trip, like:
    -what's woth seeing and could be left out?
    -how much time would be smart to spend in each destination?
    -any other suggestions of places that are worth visiting?

    Also any other advices regarding hostels, camps,... are very welcome!

    If someone is having similar plans and wouldn't mind the company, let me know...

    Or if somone is planning to head from San Francisco to Las Vegas somewhere between the 27.-29. of may, we could share the expenses of a rent-a-car, because there woul be no need for expensiver one-way rental...

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    Default Some variables.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It's all worth seeing but you are going to have to choose carefully to match the time available. At this moment it is hard to predict if the Tioga pass will be open yet, which will effect routing choice's.

    The Grand canyon is an overnight stop to get the best from your visit there, and being in the opposite direction to the rest of your list [other than the Hoover dam that you will cross on route] would be your first port of call. From the GC you could then take a Southern route around the Sierra's via Bakersfield to Sequoia and Yosemite with a possible detour into Death valley and/or the coast. You could head through Death valley and over Tioga pass into Yosemite, to Sequoia and then the coast, or continue North to Tahoe [might have to depending on Tioga status] and down to Yosemite. You could continue South to Sequoia and then to the coast or visit the grove of Sequoia tree's at Mariposa by the South entrance of Yosemite.

    Being limited for time you will have to decide where and how you want to spend your time and whether to keep on the move or see more of less places.

    Switching the rental car with someone really isn't a great idea in reality, as the rental would be in your name, you would have to have the person returning the car as a named driver and if anything were to happen such as a collision [or the car not getting returned at all] it would be your responsibility.
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    Thanks for your reply...

    The combined rent-a-car solution would of course only be sensible with previous agreement so that both drivers would be "in the contract" - but, yes, it is a bit of a long shot...

    Furthermore, I found lately that I could only hardly manage to visit all the mentioned destinations... Therefore, as I understand it, I have basically 3 reasonable options (all of which exclude Grand Canyon):

    A) Las Vegas (+ Hoover Dam) - Kings Canyon - Sequoia N. Park - Yosemite - Tahoe - San Francisco and Pacific beach

    B) Las Vegas (+ H.D.) - Death Valley - Yosemite - continued like A)

    C) Las Vegas with surrounding area? - flying to San Francisco and making trips from there...

    As for now, I am inclining towards A), however, any comments are still very welcome... Also any further ideas for the destinations worth seeing on the way (like Mammoth lakes?) and on the Pacific coast would be great...

    Than, I would also like to ask you, which car rentals are more on the low-budged side and especially whether any of them have good prices on the one-way car rental? Making me pay more than double for a regular car rental with a different drop-off destination still seems a bit absurd to me...

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    Default Lot's of combo's

    No you have other combinations, Three more that I personally would choose from is,

    Tioga pass open

    Grand canyon > Death valley > Yosemite > SF
    Vegas > Death valley > Yosemite [Tioga pass] >Sequoia [or Mariposa grove Yosemite] > Monterey [possibly]> SF.

    Tioga closed

    Grand canyon > Sequoia > Yosemite > SF with either a detour to Death valley in between GC and Sequoia or head further down the coast from Yosemite and then up to SF].

    With the time you have the first one is what I would recommend, you see 2 great City's and 3 wonders of the world that are all totally different.
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    Ok, lately it's getting more probable that the Tioga pass will be closed...

    I figured it would probably be reasonable to drive less and make a fast 2 day trip in "Las Vegas area" including some sort of combination of Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion, Death Valley (or perhaps not all of them), returning to L.V.

    Then flying to San Francisco and making another loop or two to see Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes, Big Sur, Monterey and returning to S.F. In this case I think that given the sircumstances I could easier make adjustments and leave something out, but still experience a lot...

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    If you have only got a couple of days between vegas and san fran and in a hurry. Then one quick route i've done before is vegas > pahrump > death valley > down to santa maria > pismo beach > route 1 > san fran. takes 2 days.

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