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  1. Default Housoton to Albuquerque to Grand Canyon to Las Vegas - need some help planning...

    hey guys! New here, found this searching google...

    My dads sister and her husband are coming to visit the great U.S. of A... My mom, dad, and I are planning on doing a road trip to show them around the southwest part of America. Our trip will start from NW Houston and we would like to go see the Grand Canyon and also go to Las Vegas. We are limited on time and only have about 7 days for the full trip. We plan on leaving either May 23rd night or May 24th morning and would need to be back in Houston by 30th night.

    This will be our first road trip in about 12-14 years since we haven't done much traveling lately. Its going to be five adults and we plan on taking our 2002 Ford Explorer (no 3rd row seats) (this should be comfortable, right?) Or should be take our 2002 Lexus ES300? Which car would y'all recommend for the best car to take on this trip?

    Also whats a good route to take? Good places to stop/see? Places to spend the night (hotels)? Any recommendations, comments, or anything is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Sight seeing through the windscreen.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Having only 7 day's to complete a 3000 mile round trip would mean being on the road for 5 day's, and being in the car for 10 or 11 hours on each of them with time only for short stops for food, a stretch of the legs and to fill with gas, leaving only a day in Vegas and 1 at the GC.

    My first concern would be whether your Uncle and Auntie would actually enjoy spending so much time in a vehicle "seeing" the US.

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    Default Can you add more time?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your biggest problem with your current plan is that you just don't really have enough time. Its basically a 3 full day drive from Houston to Vegas - and that's before you include detours to places like the Grand Canyon. If you only have 7 days, then that leaves you a total of 1 day to do all of the sightseeing you are talking about. If you can expand things out to 10 days, you'd be in better shape to actually be able to see some things and enjoy yourselves, rather than just spending 10 hours a day in a car for every day of your trip.

    I will also say that 5 adults is a bit of a challenge when you are looking at a trip of this size. You're going to know your own cars better than we do, but keep in mind that most cars can fit 5 adults comfortably for a trip around town, but they are going to get very uncomfortable if you are seated that way for hours at a time - especially day after day.

    I wish I had a better answer for you, but I actually think your best bet considering the size of your group and the limited amount of time you have would be to fly to Vegas, and do a roadtrip from there. Then you could take your time actually see the Grand Canyon, and other places, perhaps doing a loop to Zion/Bryce or spending some time in Sedona or making a daytrip from Vegas out to Death Valley. You'll have a lot more time to enjoy yourselves, and your actual driving times will be much shorter which will make it easier for 5 adults to travel in one large car.

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    thanks for the input guys... plans changed a little bit after reading your replies...

    Now thinking to fly up to Las Vegas then either drive down to Houston OR fly up to Las Vegas then drive to the grand canyon then back up to Las Vegas and fly back...

    Anyone have recommendations with that? good places to stay at both locations for cheap? ways to find cheap tickets? etc...

    seems like driving there will cost about $500+ in gas so flying would be a little bit more but seems worth it... thanks

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    Default Options.

    Both your options could work but if that now means renting a car, you will get one way drop off fee's if you drive back or return air fares if you don't, so you might want to look into costs. With a loop starting and ending in Vegas you could head to Zion NP and possibly Bryce canyon and then head down on 89/64 to the East entrance of GC South rim and exit from the South kiosk to I 40. You could then detour onto part of route 66 through Seligman to Kingman and head over Hoover dam and back to Vegas. From Zion the North rim of the Grand canyon would also be an option, plus Death valley and Monument valley are also places to consider but with your limited time you will have to choose how to juggle it.

    I would just explore the Internet to see what the best current deals are as they change constantly.

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