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    Default Boston to Santa Clara with a 2 year old

    Hello RTA members!
    We are relocating to the Bay Area this summer and thought of making a road trip out of the opportunity. We are planning to drive cross country with our two year old daughter. We have about 12 days and have a certain route in mind and I am looking for:

    1. Natural and/or children attractions along the route
    2. Any suggestions for additional or alternate stops along the route
    3. Any tips since this will be our first trip with a two year old

    Following is what I have in mind at this point

    Boston, MA
    Niagara Fall, NY
    Chicago, IL (We have family there)
    Omaha, NE (Henry Zoo)
    Knox, NE (Niobara state park)
    Rapid City, SD (Mount Rushmore)
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Lake Tahoe, CA
    Santa Clara, CA

    Here is what the route looks like on map

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    Default You've made a Very Good Start

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The main thing to remember about children as young as two is that they don't care about and won't remember the big destinations like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, or Yosemite. They're just as happy to run around a small park or playground just off the Interstate. They also are generally not happy just sitting for hour after hour, day after day so even if your toddler has been a stellar passenger in the past, plan on taking frequent breaks, including entire days where you do no driving at all and just sit by the motel pool, or explore a zoo. I am glad to see that you already have such stops set into your itinerary, and hope that the lists I linked to above also prove to be of some help. For more general tips on traveling with a child, check out these two articles:

    Family RoadTrip Tips
    Are We There Yet?


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    Thanks a lot for pointer AZBuck.

    We are not planning on driving more than 9 hours a day and more than 5 hours at stretch. So hopefully we will be ok since we have also done a few 4 hour drives with our daughter.

    I am also concerned about the summer heat. Are there any tips for how drives should be spread during a summer day?

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    Your routing doesn't take you through any blistering hot areas - as long as the A/C works in your car you will be fine.

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