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    Hey all,
    I need some advice. My husband and I are moving to Los Angeles from New Orleans and we just found out we have to leave by Monday of next week for him to start his new job. My only concern is that after looking at the map, we are going to be traveling through some hot and remote areas. We wanted to stop at some cool places (i.e. Grand Canyon) on our way, seeing as this will be our last trip together before the baby comes. Does anyone have any advice on taking a road trip when 6 1/2 months pregnant? And if so, are there any places worth seeing on our way to the Golden State?

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    Default Then Go North and Up First

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    You don't say how many days you have for the drive, but you will need at least 4, and 5 or more if you want to stop at the Grand Canyon. If you have that kind of time, then start by getting as far north as you can as fast as you can, and at the same time get away from the humid coast and add some elevation. Head up I-49 to I-20 at Shreveport, then at Dallas-Fort Worth take US-287 up to I-40 at Amarillo.

    You'll need to make stops every few hours and otherwise just taking it easy. Besides the Grand Canyon, major stops that wouldn't entail too much walking include the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque, and Petrified Forest in northeastern Arizona.


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    That far along in your pregnancy, you will probably be stopping about once an hour.

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