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  1. Default What are the best sights to see going from Nashville to Sedona?

    Hi: I'm trying to help my parents plan a 6 week cross country roadtrip. They'll be starting in PA, going to their first stop in Nashville, then heading west from there. They don't want to go further than Arizona. What are some "must-see" stops? Thanks for any info!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum, but I'm sorry we're not going to be much help at this point.

    We really don't believe in "must sees" here, because that is so very dependent on the individual person - and you've told us nothing about what you might be interested in.

    Its also a virtually impossible task. There are millions upon millions of things you could do in a trip that basically covers the entire US, and until you narrow things down a bit by coming up with at least the major things you know they want to do, there really is just no place for us to start.

    By all means, you can learn a lot just by looking around this site. Once you've got a better idea of the basics, we'll be glad to lend a hand.

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