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  1. Default New York City to Charleston in 4-5 days? Suggestions along the way

    Dear all,
    I'm planning on heading down from new york city in june and would like to spend about 4-4.5 days getting to Charleston SC. I am considering stopping into Virginia Beach, which mapquest says is about 7 hours from nyc and then leaving VA beach the next day. Some places that seem interesting along the way are the Fort Tyron palace, Wilmington, and perhaps Georgetown along the way down to Charleston. I don't believe I would like to spend more than a full day at any of these places, but am wondering if the driving distance will make it difficult to get to see them if I hope to be in Charleston in about 4 or 5 days. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Default not sure about the beach

    After a 7 hour drive I'm not sure how much fun you'll have at the beach. I suggest getting there on your first day and then on your 2nd day to enjoy the beach and the surrounding areas. To get there you can cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge which is unbelievable. This leaves you with two days to get to Charleston. From here you have two options that are most apparent to me. You like the beach from your last post so you can spend 2 days going south on US-17, The Ocean Highway, in North Carolina heading into South Carolina. This will give you a day to spend in mostly in Wilmington. Then on your fourth day you can head to Charleston and perhaps stay at Myrtle Beach if you are willing to use a 5th day to get to Charleston. Your other clear option is to hit up the interstate again and go down to Raleigh and spend some time there.

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    Default Earlier On During Your Drive

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If Virginia Beach, New Bern and Georgetown are on your route, then I assume you'll be taking the coastal option rather than following I-95, in which case here are a few other options. I was pleasantly surprised to see that MapQuest recommends US-13 down through the Delmarva Peninsula as the way to get to Virginia Beach. If you head to the coast just as you enter Virginia, you can visit both the NASA launch facility at Wallops Island and the nearby wildlife refuge (and wild pony sanctuary) Chincoteague Island. With the time you have, you can also make the great drive down the Outer Banks on NC-12, vist both Kitty Hawk and the site of the first English colony in the New World in Manteo, and take the 2½ hour ($15-20) ferry ride from Ocracoke over to Cedar Island which puts you in good shape to continue on to New Bern.


  4. Default From Virginia Beach to Charleston

    Thank you for your great suggestions! We do plan on taking the coastal route and perhaps after Virginia beach we will have only minimal beach going as we'd also like to experience some of these nicer coastal cities. My question is though if we head down from Virginia beach through the outer banks to new bern/wilmington, how long are we talking in terms of the drive? I think we would like to spend at least part of a day in Wilmington (or would you recommend more?), as well as maybe a few hours in Georgetown. All of this seems hard to do in two days.

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    Default I Did it the Other Way

    Starting at Cedar Island and taking the first ferry of the morning over to Ocracoke, taking a stroll along the beach, having a great lunch, visiting both Cape Hatteras lighthouse and the Roanoke Colony site in Manteo and finishing up in Virginia Beach for dinner. So yes, it's possible to do this in two days, but in the end, it's really up to you how you want to apportion your time. The one thing I will say is that if you decide to drive down the Banks, figure out when you will reach Ocracoke, leave a bit of a margin, and reserve a spot on the appropriate ferry beforehand to make sure that you don't have to wait for the next one.


  6. Default Stay in Historic District of Charleston or Not?

    Thanks for the advice AZ buck. That seems like a very nice route as I've heard route 12 of the outer banks is beautiful. Sorry for all these questions, but have never been in this area of the country before and first road trip with girlfriend so want to know something before we go :)- we are looking to spend 3 nights in Charleston, and included in that visit a plantation and also the town of Beaufort SC. How valuable is staying in the historic district vs staying a little bit outside, say in the Ashley River area? The cost is substantial- seems like a hotel in the historic district is about 1.5-2x the price of staying right outside.

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