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    A couple of years ago I contacted you to get some advices for a trip around the east coast. That was really worthwhile cause you traced me some alternative nice roads to discover. Thaaaaanks a lot!! .

    Well, we are a couple from Spain ( it was our honey moon that time), but for this trip we r more people (6 to 8). WeŽll visit again your country to get our kicks on Route 66, in this case. We
    go from Chicago to LA , and then to San Francisco by car.

    But I want to ask all you especially about the beginning of the route from Chicago
    to Amarillo, because is not easy to know when to take the Interstate (55 or
    44) or when the old 66 alignments. Our idea is to take the old alignments as much as possible, but weŽd appreciate some tracks about where to do it and where not.

    So, please if there are some nice journeys (or some stretches where its better to take
    the interstate), or if you can give us advices about essential but not
    typical places to go or to pass by, it will be very nice to know.

    It is planned to take 3-4 days to cover Chicago to Amarillo distance

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Hello and welcome back to the forums !

    You can find plenty of info from these links in the RTA planning section, but as I understand it some parts of the road are hard to follow. This excellent route 66 report by Road dog will have plenty of idea's.

    As you are most likely aware the road was decommissioned years ago and many parts replaced by Interstate. While it is thought to be "cool" to follow this old route, I wouldn't be blinkered by a piece of tarmac and look at places of interest to you along the route rather than focusing solely on the road.

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    There are still pieces of the road left. If you take I-44, you can get on the "old road" at Strafford, MO and travel it all the way though Kansas and into Oklahoma.

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