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    I will be driving from Northern NJ to Fort Myers Florida with my husband and 4 children.
    Can someone please help me out with a couple of things?
    1- Does anyone know the exact route to take? Maybe avoiding DC traffic but not a long scenic route.
    2- Need to be in Fort Myers by July 6th around 4:00 pm. What day/time should I leave?
    3-Will probably stop once to sleep a little. What would be approx half way point?? Any suggestions where to stop?

    Help!! We have never done this before.

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    "Northern New Jersey" to Fort Meyers is around 1250 miles. That is AT LEAST two days hard drive with a full 8 hours of sleep in between. Better, if you plan to detour at all of I-95/I-4/I-75, would be three days. Do not try to pull this off in a single go with only a short rest stop. Even with two drivers switching off, you would be putting your children's lives at stake. If you want to avoid the traffic of Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, you should first head west on I-78 to near Harrisburg, PA and from there take I-81 down to southwestern Virginia where I-77 to Columbia, SC and I-26 will bring you back to I-95. That adds less than a hundred miles to your overall miles, but will result in a much more relaxing and scenic drive. I strongly recommend that you take three days for this trip and let your children out of the car every few hours. Roughly evenly spaced cities would be Roanoke, VA and Savannah, GA. You'll arrive later, or have to leave earlier, but you'll arrive alive and in shape to enjoy your destination.


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