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  1. Default New Orleans to Grand Canyon and beyond!

    Any tips? A female friend and I are planning a trip from New Orleans to the Grand Canyon... We'd like to stop in San Antonio, Arizona, etc. on the way there-- and go up through Colorado and hopefully hit Boulder and maybe somewhere in Oklahoma on the way back. I've done road trips to North Carolina and to Colorado, but this is my first legit road trip, I guess.

    Any tips on where to stay in these areas? Might get some guys to come so we can camp. We had a problem with some one stalking out campsite on our last trip to North Carolina, so we'd be afraid to camp with only 2 girls. Tips on sites? Anything would be very, very helpful!

    Also... what is the general consensus on

    Thanks everyone!

  2. Default Inexpensive lodging around Zion National Park?

    I've found a few sites for a hostel, but it seems as though it may no longer exist? We want to spend a few days hiking in the park, and if it's just two of us girls we might not want to camp. If guys come, we will camp... but just in case, any suggestions?
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    Default One of The Two Things We're Not Really Good At

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    While we here at RoadTrip America endeavor to be of help to each and every person who comes looking for assistance, we also like to base any advice on personal experience rather than hearsay. Unfortunately, there are simply too many restaurants, diners, eateries, what have you for us to offer any meaningful advice on where to eat, even though that is a very frequent question. Similarly, It is simply impossible for us to have sampled even the smallest fraction of hotels, motels, camp grounds, hostels or private homes. We can and do offer general advice such as our experiences with major motel chains and federal and state parks (very favorable as a rule) but we just can't tell you where to camp along an arbitrary route with no timeline. Also both of these categories (places to eat and stay) are a matter of personal taste and choice, and are subject to constant turnover in management.

    As far as safety goes, I think your experience in North Carolina was an aberration and should not put you off camping forever. As I stated, state and federal campsites are generally family friendly and patrolled. For the sake of you mental well being, you should consider getting a very loud whistle or personal sized pepper spray, and stay only in well occupied sites.


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    Default Camping.

    The National park campgrounds are great places to stay in, and as Buck said "family friendly" with a good atmosphere. For Grand canyon, Mather campground is in a good local and for Zion NP, the Watchman campground and if you venture into Rocky mountain NP in Colorado the Morraine park campground. Travelling during the high season you would have to book in advance to guarantee a spot [if it isn't too late already] and you can find all the info at "" If you are planning on visiting more than 4 National parks it makes economic sense to buy the annual pass for $80 which gives you access to every NP for a year, unlimited. This will not include your camping fees or other possible costs.

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