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    My fiance and I are moving from Ft. Lauderdale to Oklahoma City, and we're planning on taking the drive later this month. We will be taking our SUV and a U-Haul trailer. We've done the drive in 2 days before, but we're spreading it into 3 days this time. Probably looking at taking the shortest route (Birmingham/Memphis/Little Rock), but I know that I-10 is a little more scenic and I like this drive more. Any pros or cons for either one?

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    If I-10 is the route you like more, then I see no reason not to take it. Its really not much farther, and still will make for a very comfortable 3 day drive. Its all interstate so you really should have no problem with your trailer.

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    I show I-10 as being about an hour and a half longer, via Lafayette, Shreveport, and Dallas.

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