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  1. Default East to West Coast...anything we've missed?

    Hi, on the 26th June we will arrive in New York to embark on an epic road trip for 6 weeks! Here is our route with the cities we will be staying in listed to the left of the map...

    Are there any 'must see' areas that we may have missed?

    P.S the dotted line is just a rough guide of our direction.

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    Even with 6 weeks, there will always be things that you will miss - but whether any of them are must sees depends completely on what you are looking for. As far as what you've listed, you've really only included cities, so we have no idea if you are including - or care about - natural areas.

    Obviously, even if you are just hitting cities, there are a whole ton of ones you are missing out on. You aren't including Boston or Chicago, and you've completely left out all of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. That's not a bad thing necessarily, as every trip is about picking and choosing and you have to determine your priorities.

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    Default You need more detail

    First, welcome to Roadtrip Forum. You chose a good place to get ideas and tips for your planning. However, your information is too vague. A "must see" to one person is a "forget it" to another. You want to specify your interests. Like Michael said, you've only listed cities. I personally like to skip cities and see natural wonders, parks, waterfalls, light houses, etc. I use interstate highways, but I like to get off the big roads as aften as I can and see what is out there. A road trip is just that, not a city-to-city trip.

    Tell us what you value as a "must see" and I think you'll get some responses. If you do want to see cities, fine, but I don't think that was your intent in posting the inquiry. Give me details and I'll give you destinations. You can see a lot in six weeks on the road.

    Here's a tip on what you can do right now. Use Google Earth, or some other mapping site and focus in on the area within 20 miles of the roads you plan to use. On Google Earth, I zoom in and look for the little blue squares that indicate someone left a photo record there. You discover some real treasures by doing that, and you will likely have to pick and choose on some of them. I did that last year for a 15-day trip and visited about 40 places that I would have driven right past otherwise.

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    Default Loop the loop ?

    With six weeks available and the fact you are heading North to South on both coasts, it would be worth considering to complete a loop of the country. It may add 3 or 4 full days of driving but you will get to see more, and if you are renting, would remove the one way drop off fees that are either added to the cost of the rental, or included in the charges as "hidden extras".

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    Going through North Carolina, get some of the great pork bbq. Go to Calabash, NC, on the SC border for some great seafood and listen to some Beach Music (East Coast-style) in Myrtle Beach.

    Also in NC, take the Fort Fisher-Southport Ferry by Wilmington. Also, a drive along the Outer Banks and Cape Hatteras would be recommended.

    You also might want to drive down to Key West from Miami for a taste of the tropics in the US.

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