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    Hi everyone

    My partner and I have been reading some of the many threads on this topic and they have been a massive help in planning our trip (honeymoon in September!) which we are now really excited about! We will have two weeks and have got a basic plan as set out below. We'd be really grateful if you could let us know what you think and help us out with a few questions.....

    The plan so far:
    1) Arrive San Francisco and stay there for 3/4 nights, hire a car and head off to...
    2) Yosemite (possibly through Napa Valley or alternatively monterey and staying a night), staying for 2 nights in Yosemite. Drive to...
    3) Sequoia with a night in Lone Pine (is this a waste of a day?), then on to..
    4) Las Vegas, hire a harley and travel through Death Valley, maybe to Mojave spending a couple of nights somewhere (one of them possibly Furnace Creek). Back to...
    5) Las Vegas, do a helicopter trip to the Grand canyon, possibly a night on a ranch and a couple of nights in Las Vegas
    6) Fly out of Las Vegas.

    So, do you think this plan is ok? Would you recommend spending extra time anywhere? Are there other places we should go on the Harley?

    As I said, this is just the basic plan so any suggestions would be very much appreciated!!!
    Thank you for any replies!!

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    Default Moving mountains.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Between Sequoia NP and Lone Pine is the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the only quick way across would be in a helicopter. If you were to head to Monterey then I would suggest heading to Sequoia and then to Yosemite. From Yosemite cross the mountains on the Tioga pass [CA120] to Lone Pine and then drive across Death valley into Vegas.

    I would [time permitting] ride out to the South rim of the Grand canyon and spend a night there to witness a sunset.That would take you across Hoover dam and you could "catch" part of Route 66 through Seligman on route.

    If you don't have the time you need to visit Sequoia NP, there is a grove of giant Sequoia tree's near the Southern entrance of Yosemite called Mariposa grove. While in Yosemite be sure to ride up to Glacier point.

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    Thanks Southwest Dave. We'll definitely take your advice. Still fancy Napa so will probably do a day trip on the wine train from San Fran. The ride out over the Hoover Dam sounds amazing. Thanks again!!

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