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    I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how plan an inteniary. My husband and pup and I would love to travel to Colorodo, Montana, Utah and possibly other area's. We will be traveling with Rv and will be leaving Missouri. We plan to take 2 weeks off to see some beautiful country>
    I am not sure really where to start, there are so many place to choose.
    We love quite areas, so i was told we may want to try and stay in state parks. Please any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    This will be our first big rv trip.
    Thank you,
    I would love to also ride in a hot air balloon during this trip!

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I am not sure really where to start, there are so many place to choose.
    We have all been there ! A good start would be to look around the RTA site where you will find tons of info to get you going. State and National parks are good place to stay in an RV and by looking on there websites will help you decide.

    The most important thing is to get the balance right and not bite off more than you can chew, as 2 weeks seems like a lot of time but you are already looking at 8 full day's of driving to cover a loop through Colorado, Utah, Montana and home.

    Here is our recent RV trip through Colorado which might give some ideas but keep looking around as there are plenty more.

    When you have done a little research and have more specific questions, just ask.

  3. Default So many choices!

    I'm sure that anyone can come up with other choices just as good as these, but here are mine. You won't be able to do them all, but perhaps you'll like some or one. By the way, some campgrounds may only accommodate shorter RVs.

    Rocky Mountain National Park. You could spend the entire vacation there easily.
    Colorado National Monument. Little visited but unforgettable scenery. Just off I-70
    Arches National Park, Utah. A bit further down I-70
    Goblin Valley State Park in Utah.
    Capitol Reef National Park, Utah
    Bryce National Park, quite close to Zion.
    Zion National Park (especially walking the NARROWS). This could be a destination.
    Grand Canyon National Park
    Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Colorado.

    You could hit much of this in a really big loop through Utah, or cut it shorter staying just in Colorado. Maybe you could plan both, and decide along the way just how much you want to drive, and how much you want to stop and smell the roses. It's nice to have options.

    Truthfully, driving out West is a pleasure because of the ever-changing gorgeous scenery. But, it comes at a price. Just remember, you'll probably get 8MPG at $3 per gallon. I know; last September we rented a motorhome one way from Phoenix to Seattle. 2400 miles with side trips. 300 gallons of gas! And your trip could be a lot farther.

    Good luck. There are so many choices that you're bound to have a great trip.

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