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    Default Southwest Roadtrip..Camping advice needed

    Next Saturday, my girlfriend and I are headed to southern Utah from Wisconsin to visit Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and the north rim of the Grand Canyon. We will be there for about 10 days. We plan on camping the whole time with one hotel possibly in the middle. I was wondering if any of you had suggestions for campsites. Main things we will be looking for is decent showers and laundry facilities are a plus. We will be staying in a tent, and with all the things to see, it looks like we will be using the campsite mainly to sleep. Though, I'm sure we'll enjoy a few evenings enjoying the quiet and the stars. If possible, maybe you could suggest some sidetrips we may consider. I have been down in that area once and I would like to show her the animal sanctuary in Angel Canyon, but other than that, I didn't have much time to see much else. Thanx in advance.

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    I will say that I am very fond of State Parks for camping. They are usually a very good deal, have good sites for tents, and more often than not they at least have showers, and sometimes they will even have laundry. They tend to be less popular than national parks and have lower prices - yet they often have better services than the lower prices national forest campgrounds.

    Private campgrounds will almost always have showers and laundry, but often times they are geared for RVs so their sites aren't idea for tents and they can get to be more expensive than a motel!

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    Default North rim ?


    The road into Grand canyon North rim is closed and normally doesn't open until mid May so keep an eye on road conditions. With 10 day's at your disposal you could always opt for the South rim though.

    You don't say how much time you have allowed for the journey each way, but if you were heading to the South rim you could come off I 70 to 191, passing through Moab and close by is Arches NP and Canyonlands and then you could drive through Monument valley on 163 to 160/89/64 into the GC. Heading towards Zion you could check out an Antelope canyon tour near Page for an "out of this world" experience. From Zion to Bryce you will drive up the Mount Carmel highway where you could take a hike along the Angels landing trail, but be warned you need a head for heights !! Once you get on scenic 12 to Bryce canyon make a pit stop at Red canyon before continuing to the park.
    You could continue on the very scenic 12 byway to Torrey and then take 24 past Capitol reef to I 70.

    The NP's have some great campgrounds and if you end up at the South rim the Mather campground is ideal, for Zion the Watchman campground just inside the entrance to the park and handy for the lovely little town of Springdale. For Bryce canyon, Ruby's Inn is at the head of the canyon, but if you are thinking of a "treat in a Hotel" this could be the place as it can get mighty cold at night at high elevation. Bring warm gear anyway !

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    Thanx for the suggestions so far. I will definately keep in mind the closure of the North Rim. I've been out west twice, and never worried about where to stay. I would always pull over at a rest area and just sleep in the car overnight. Part of that was due to me covering almost 5000 miles in 6 days each time. That is why I like having almost 2 weeks to do this. I finally don't have to average 800 miles each day :). It will also be great to share it all with my girlfriend.

    When I go through Colorado, is there a good detour off the interstate for a while?

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