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    Default San Antonio to Seattle with teenager

    My teenage daughter and I are planning to drive from San Antonio to Seattle this summer. (returning a different route, but that will be another post) We have as long as a week. We would like the most scenic route. Being a Texan, we would love to see the mountains, but only avoid skinny roads with steep drop offs. What are your suggestions, please? Would going via Zion / Bryce take too long? Thanks so much!

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    Default Scenery Will Not Be a Problem

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    Except, perhaps, because there will be too much to see all in one trip. Unfortunately, you only have a maximum of a week, and the driving alone, by the most efficient route, will take 4+ days. But if you generally stick to the Interstates through the mountainous stretches, you will avoid any "skinny roads with steep drop offs" and make the best use of your time. So, what does that leave you. If you want to make the best use of your time in getting out of the car and exploring some areas on foot and in detail, then you should stick pretty much to a straight shot: I-19 to Las Cruces, NM; I-25 to Albuquerque; I-40 to Gallup; US-491 up to Monticello, UT; US-191up to a short jog west on I-70 to US-6 to I-15 north through Salt Lake City; I-84 up to the Columbia River and I-82/I-90 into Seattle. Along or not too far off that route are several great places to stop including White Sands, Petroglyph National Monument, Mesa Verde, Monument Valley, Arches National Park, the Great Salt Lake, and the Snake River Valley. Certainly enough to fill three days.


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