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    Me and a couple of friends are coming over to the US after we finish university in June from England. We are flying into New York and want to head straight to Ocean city for 4-5 days then back up through Philidelphia for a night then back to new york where we will spend the remainder of the holiday.
    We have a friend in Harrisburg who is going to join us, but he wants to pick us up from NY then back to harrisburg to spend the night to rest up then head straight to Ocean City from there. Would this be the best plan or would heading straight from NY to Ocean city down the east coast be a better route as we are not fussed about resting up for a night and would save trekking back to harrisburg. Also we were thinking of stopping at Atlantic city for a night, would you recommend for a good night?

    i know this sounds a bit confusing but any advice would be gratefully recieved!


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    If there is no other reason to visit Harrisburg than to humor your American friend, then I would tend to agree with you that going there is a fair bit out of the way. From New York, you are only a few hours from Ocean City (I assume you mean Ocean City, NJ and not Ocean City, MD) whereas going to Harrisburg and then driving to Ocean City would roughly double your time on the road - a few hours to Harrisburg, and then a few hours again the next day to Ocean City. A better plan, if your friend is going to be with you for the entire trip and wants to show you his home is to go to Harrisburg between Philadelphia and New York on the return leg. This let's you repay your debt for your friend's driving by visiting his home, saves him some driving, and lets you all see some fairly scenic countryside on both legs into and out of Harrisburg.


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    If you are driving to Ocean City, NJ it doesn't make much sense to go back to Harrisburg for your friend to rest up. It's close to the same amount of time to get to OC from NY as it is from NY to Harrisburg so it will be just as taxing. Unless your friend wants you to see PA and Harrisburg this doesnt make much sense for this part of the trip. I'd go to Philly then to Harrisburg.

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