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    Me and 2 other friends are coming to America from Australia for a road trip lasting a month from the 9th of May this year. Our trip will be starting in L.A. and finishing in New York.
    We're looking for a campervan to rent for around 1 month on a budget of around $35 to $50 a day for rental of the van. We are hoping to be able to pick the van from L.A. and to drop it off in NY.
    I was wondering if your guys knew of any campervan rental companies that do this for around that budget, as i have been struggling to find anything on the internet on my own.

    Thanks for your help, and looking forward to seeing your beautiful country.

    Cheers, Pierre

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    Default way too low

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry, but I just don't think you're going to find anything even close to your ideal budget. When you factor in a one way drop off fee, you'd barely have enough money to pay for the rental of a standard size car on your budget.

    I really think you're going to need to expect to pay at least twice what you've currently budgeted, and possibly even more than that.

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    thanks for your reply michael.
    Looks like we're going to have to be more realistic about how much we'll have to spend on a rental!
    Without taking budget into consideration, do you have any advice as to which rental companies are good to go through for renting campervans, and have proven to be reliable?


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    Default "Camper"

    The "camper vans" that us Brits and you Aussies are more accustomed to are quite rare in the USA and will most likely cost more to rent than a fully equipped RV, and that's if you can find a company that will let you rent one and drop it off on the other side of country.

    With budget in mind you will find it cheaper to rent a car and use Motels, but you could also consider buying some cheap camping equipment for tent camping and donate it to charity at the end of your trip.

    To give you an idea of costs, check out a couple of the larger company's rental charges at Cruise America and El Monte, but don't forget to add on all the additional costs such as, one way drop off fee, extra mileage charges, bedding and kitchen kits, Insurance waiver and so on. When you have done that you need to consider the campground fees [$15 to £50 ] and a fuel return of 10mpg.

    I recently checked out a VW camper from Las Vegas and that was $140 a day plus extra costs as mentioned above, but I am not sure they would do a one way. Again, the one way could be a problem but check out "Lost campers" in San Fran who do a cheap type of van to camper conversion for around $50-$60 a night.

    Hard to believe I love RV travel, but if you are looking for a budget option it's not the way to go.

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