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    Default Newbie Road Trip

    This is my first time even planning a road trip, forgive me if I'm doing anything wrong.
    I won't be doing this until next year really, still can't drive on my own yet. Not to mention I've already got travel plans in mind for this year and they all involve flying as opposed to driving. But I think it'd be a nice twist on my annual friend-visits around the country, maybe even get in some extra visits.

    Locations in mind:
    -From Raleigh, NC to Charlotte
    -Denham Springs, LA
    -Port Hueneme, CA
    -[city name forgotten, no access ATM; will be added later] WA
    -Homer City, PA
    -Bedford, MA
    -[city name forgotten] CT

    I still need to work out how long I want this road trip to last; I don't intend any large side-stops, just a relatively straight 'Point A to Point B' sort of route. I have friends in each city, I'll be staying with them a couple days each. A couple locations might be dropped due to them not being able to take me, they gave me a vague answer when I talked to them about it so I can't set really any of these in stone except Pennsylvania and Connecticut. My largest concern is about how much driving time between each location'd be, like if I'd need to stay somewhere halfway from LA to CA.

    I think that's the most I've got for right now? I can answer questions and the like to the best of my ability.

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    Default a much bigger bite

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you're trying to plan a trip that is a whole lot bigger than you really are anticipating. For example, its nearly 2000 miles from your stops in Louisiana to California. That's FOUR full days (10 hours of driving a day) on the road, not something you can safely do with just an overnight stop.

    Just covering the miles you're talking about and spending a day or two at each location, I really think you'd need a minimum of a month for a trip like this. Even if you are staying with friends this is going to be a rather expensive trip too, and I wonder if you've given much thought to the sort of budget you'll need for a trip of this magnitude.

    I'm assuming that you are also about 16 because you don't have your license yet, and if that's the case, what are you going to do for your nights where you aren't staying with a friend? Until you are 18, motels will simply not be an option, and even campgrounds could be difficult because of your age.

    Its ok to dream big, but when you're not even in a position to drive on your own yet, many times its a whole lot smarter to start a bit smaller and get a feel for how you really like to travel. Starting with a 10 day trip where you visit your friends in say PA and CT could be a better and more practical way to get experience into the field of roadtripping - much in the same way you'd learn to swim by getting used to the water in the shallow end, rather than trying to jump off the high dive before you've even gotten your feet wet.

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