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  1. Default Sight Seeing Tips for a trip form Ohio to Oregon

    My husband and I have 3 weeks this summer and will be attending a family reunion in Yachats, Oregon. We are driving out and will have some extra time to sight see but want to know what would be "must see things" to plan or trip". We do plan to drive south towards San Francisco to visit a cousin there. We welcome any suggestions.

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    We tend to shy away from providing lists of "must dos", "must sees", or "must (other)" because each person is different and will have their own interests. Some people really enjoy seeing kitsch and oddball, wacky stuff, while others want to get out into nature and explore. Still others want to stick to the cities. So, with that said, what are the types of things that interest you out in this great country?

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    Sorry to hear you are all so shy. In actuality I was interested to hear of what others had found enjoyable on their trips so that I might investigate. As for interests, all types of things interest us and while you would like me to narrow that down I don't know that is plausible. Not being familiar with the areas in which we will be traveling I had thought others might have information on what they had experienced and enjoyed. It sounds like my best bet is to go to AAA and get their travel books. Thanks anyway.

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    Sorry we're not able to be your perfect one stop shop for everything that the US has to offer. It has nothing to do with people being shy, it has everything to do with you asking others to complete an impossible task.

    The fact is there are millions of things to do, and there are hundreds if not thousands of books, listing those possibilties. For someone to narrow the options of the entire Northwestern tier of the US into a nice neat internet forum post simply can't be done - and any answer that is provided would be so shallow and superficial that it would be a waste of both their time and yours.

    If you'd like to see some other people's experiences, then take a look around. There is an entire section of roadtrip field reports, and the planning section has dozens upon dozens more articles with peoples experiences. Since you don't want to give us any guidance about what you might be interested in, then I think this will clearly be a great option for you - although it will require a little bit of work you your part to look for it. And if you truey have no idea about what the major possibilities are, then yes, absolutely you should get a guidebook - in fact I'd get several - so you have a base of knowledge to work from. That's exactly what I do when I start researching a possible trip to an area I know very little about. Then, after I have a base to work with, then I start looking to others to ask questions or find more detailed information.

    Once you've done a little bit of work yourself, we'll be happy to offer you some more idea and tips to help fine tune your trip, but the planning really does have to start with you.

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