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    Default San Fran to Vegas in 7 days???

    Hi, We are planning a road trip from San Fran to Vegas during early September and we have never done a road trip before so are concerned we might be packing too much into a small amount of time.

    Our current itinerary is very vague we would like to spend 3 days in san Francisco before driving down to Vegas. We would like to go via South Lake Tahoe, Death Valley, and the Grand Canyon and then finally spend 3 nights in Vegas before flying back to San Fran for 2 days, thus leaving us 7 days to make the road trip from San Fran to Vegas.

    We don't want to be driving all day and are looking at doing a max of 3 hours driving per day but still feel we want to take in some sights on the way and not feel rushed. Is this possible with such a short time scale?

    Also we need some advice on were to stop over and some accommodation recommendations?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Realistically, you're probably going to need to increase your driving days to 4-5 hours. The American West is just such a big place that just drives between your major stopping points are often more than 3 hours.

    With a week, you've certainly got a ton of options to make this trip (going the fastest way, it can be done in a 10 hour day on the road). In addition to the places you've already listed, Yosemite would be an obvious stop, with lots of other options also available. The Pacific Coast (Monterey/Big Sur/Cambria), Napa, and Sequoia National Park would all be among the more popular options.

    Speaking of popular, the variety of options of getting from SF to Vegas is far and away the most popular topic on this forum, with thousands of threads. I'd spend a little time looking around and getting a feel for which things might work best with what you are most interested in.

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    Default Yosemite.

    Hello and welcome,

    Here is a list of some of our favourite threads covering the Southwest.

    I would strongly recommend a visit to Yosemite, it is simply stunning and on a natural path from SF to Death valley via the Tioga pass [CA120] that has wonderful views, lakes and walks as it crosses the Sierra Nevada mountains. This link shows the view of the valley floor from Glacier point and you could easily spend a couple of days exploring Yosemite.

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    Default Hey

    Thank you so much for your help and the links. There is so much to see and decide I just wish I could extend the holiday. Thanks again

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