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  1. Default Quick fix Florida trip!

    Hi roadtrippers -

    My boyfriend and I (from the UK) are going to Orlando this Friday for 5 days, 6 nights. We're staying on International Drive (I know - culture heaven! ;) ) and will do the necessary couple of theme parks, but really want to venture out for a couple of single day trips. We'd rather get off the beaten track a bit and take in some Florida countryside, but netiher of us know anything about Florida.

    Can anyone suggest a couple of do-able trips that'll show us some Florida scenary - whether it's countryside or coast - and will allow us to get there and back in a day? We've both driven in the US on several road trips before so have no issue with driving long distances and getting up early / arriving back late.

    I also had a vague idea about a day trip to Savannah, Georgia, as I've always wanted to go there, but Google maps tells me it's 280 miles each way, and thus perhaps unrealistic to do in a day - any suggestions as to whether this is feasible?

    Any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks

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    Default A Tough One

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    "Off the beaten track" and "day trip from Orlando" almost make an oxymoron when combined. Orlando is, after all, the heart of tourist Florida. However, there are a few things you can try. Certainly not off the beaten path, but worth the drive if your so inclined, would be a visit to the Kennedy Space Center and the nearby Canaveral National Seashore. For a quieter version of the Gulf Shore you can take FL-50/US-98/US-19/FL-24 northwest to Cedar Key. And you've got two relatively long one-day-drive opportunities to see a pair of America's great swamps: Okefenokee to the north via US-301/U-1, and the Everglades to the south via US-27 to the Everglades Wildlife Management Area.


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    Default One of a Kind-RonJon Surf Shop

    About 75 miles due east of downtown Orlando is Cocoa Beach, on the Atlantic. There lies Ron Jon Surf Shop and a bevy of other equally kitschy shops and eateries, and the ocean itself, of course.

    I escaped for a day to Ron Jon while on a family vacation some 8 years ago. The Mouse House was too much for me after 3 days. I genuinely suffering from an ear infection so the rides, etc and the water parks were out of the question, so off to the beach I went.

    There's plenty of Florida swamp and pasture between Orlando and the beach, plus the communities along the Intracoastal Waterway (Merritt Island?) looked interesting to a degree, but I did not explore. But, they reminded me of old-time NC coastal fishing villages.


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    Thanks so much for your ideas guys, really appreciate it!

  5. Default Lucky You!!! Head to Blue Spring State Park

    Well under an hour from Orlando is wonderful BLUE SPRING STATE PARK. It is one of my very favorite places in the lower 48 states!

    Well under an hour drive from Orlando takes you to another world.

    They have really neat cabins for $95.00 with a gas fireplace.

    You can take a boat ride down the river.

    You can rent a canoe.

    There is a fantastic spring with crystal-clear water. You can rent tubes there and float the spring "run".

    Better yet, you can SNORKEL it! Check out local dive shops for mask, fins, and wet suit. Although not absolutely necessary for the 73 degree water, a wetsuit is like a full body life preserver that also keeps you very warm. You might be able to snorkel through a school of huge Tarpon or Gar ... really neat.

    While there, you can look down at divers who swim down 80 feet into the spring cave itself. Pretty neat to watch them.

    And there is a beautiful boardwalk through the forest, along the spring run.

    You can do this as a day trip, or use this as a base and visit other nearby parks and springs as well.

    It's only 30 miles from Orlando, and you can leave "Dizzy World" behind you.

    Lucky you!

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    hey, there's a little town, St. Augustine, in northern florida, i think it's about 4 hrs from orlando, but it's a historical old harbour town with lots of charm and history and funk! if you have the time it's defiantly worth a day!
    good luck on your travels!

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