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  1. Default Central Wisconsin to Denver and on to Yellowstone

    Hi everyone. I am planning a road trip from my small community in central Wisconsin to Denver, CO to visit some friends. Also, I have made plans to head up to Yellowstone and enjoy some scenic driving through there. I have 12 days from Monday through to the next Friday.

    I plan on driving with a buddy of mine straight from Wisconsin to Denver, but I wouldn't mind stopping somewhere, possibly in the Black Hills on the trip back?

    Is this a reasonable time of year in the Denver area, is it cold or warm? Are the campgrounds open in the Denver area? Is a stop in Yellowstone reasonable? Any other things I should be worried about when driving through the mountains?

    I have never been west before and I am looking for a great road trip outside of my home state of Wisconsin. I have traveled from Florida and back twice. And been to Fargo, ND in January, the worst time of year to be there. Any insight would be great/input is welcome!

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With 12 day's available there really is no need to put yourselves [and others] at risk by trying to cover somewhere in the region of 1000 miles "straight." It really would be reckless, Yes, even with the 2 of you, as when one of you are catching a nap the other will be driving without supervision. It is the best part of a 2 day drive so please take the time as you would both be exhausted when arriving in Denver and therefor counter productive.

    You would have to look at the current conditions and check the weather as you could get anything. In Colorado, the lower elevations will be in Spring mode but at higher elevations possibly still wintry and cold, high passes like the Trail ridge Rd in RMNP will still be closed. Yellowstone will be only just starting to open up with many places not yet open and with snow on the ground, but you can check here for current status.

    Slow down and enjoy the ride ! ;-)

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    Thanks for the great links!! And great insight? I understand your concern when driving long distances. I also was thinking that it would be better to make it a two day drive. But we will try to cover as much ground as possible on the way there. Thanks for the great info!!

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