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  1. Default Las Vegas to Chicago in 6 nights

    Hi, we are 4 Australians road tripping across America
    Los Angeles - San Fran
    San Fran - Las Vegas
    Las Vegas - chicago
    Chicago - Niagara Falls
    Niagara Falls - New York

    We are in two minds on which direction to head from las Vegas to Chicago. We have 6 nights and 7 full days

    Any suggestions?

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    Default A World of Difference

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    It will make a huge difference whether the 7 days is for everything you list or just, as the title suggests, for the Las Vegas to Chicago portion. If you only have three days for this central portion, then you have no choice but to take the short4est, most efficient route available, and that is I-15 up into Utah, I-70 to Denver, I-76 into Nebraska and I-80 the rest of the way, Do plan on long days of driving and don't plan on any stops. On the other hand, if you have 7 days just for the Las Vegas to Chicago run, then you should absolutely start by heading for the Grand Canyon, then head up through Monument Valley to Arches National Park to I-70 across the mountains to Denver before continuing as before.


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    The 7 days is just for the time between Las Vegas and chicago. We will of already spent 5 nights in Vegas and seen the Grand Canyon

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    Considering that the Grand Canyon is a 5-6 hour drive each way from Las Vegas, you're going to need at least 2 of your days there to see it and then backtrack - so it would really make a whole lot more sense to see the Canyon as you head east, even if that means cutting down one of your days in Vegasl

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    Default Grand canyon NP.

    If your Grand canyon visit from Vegas is part of a plane/Heli tour, there is a good chance it will go to the West rim outside of the National park, so either way Michael's suggestion could be followed. The South and North rim are both located in the National park and offer the sensational views that you have most likely seen pictures of in books and brochures etc. On the way to Chicago I would definitely recommend travelling through parts of Southern Utah and Colorado as both have some wonderful National parks, great scenery and cool little towns.

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