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  1. Default Chicago-NYC-NC-TN-Chicago - Need Advice

    Hi Guys,

    I'm planning a road trip with my buddy and I think we might be stretching ourselves too thin with our itinerary.

    Thursday night : Chicago - NYC
    Friday and Saturday in NYC
    Sunday : NYC - North Carolina
    Sunday, Monday, Tuesday on the beach in North Carolina
    Tuesday evening : NYC - Tennesse
    Wednesday, Thursday up in the Smokies
    Friday afternoon : Tennessee back to Chicago

    We're open to being flexible but essentially we only have from ten days to do this (Thursday night till next Sunday)
    Also, we made this plan in like three hours so we're open to switching destinations a bit too.

    Any and all comments and tips are appreciated and welcome!

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    Default more than a night

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The biggest problem with your plan is starting by saying you'll drive from Chicago to NYC on a Thursday Night. That's an 800 mile trip that will take you at least 14-15 hours. That's quite a bit more than we recommend doing in one full day, and if you are planning to drive overnight to make this work, all I can say is this: don't. You'd be setting yourself up to be an incredible danger to anyone else on the road, and even if you did manage to make the trip without killing someone, you're going to be miserable and spend the entire rest of your trip trying to play catch-up.

    What would be more reasonable is driving to say, Cleveland on Thursday night, and then plan to spend most of the Friday finishing the drive - where you'll get into NYC in the early evening.

    Similarly, for your drive back, if you're starting from the smokies, you've got about a 600 miles drive back to Chicago. That's about what we recommend as the limit for a full day of driving (even with 2 people) and means you'll be on the road for about 10 hours. That's certainly something you can do in a day, but its a full day and you should probably plan to leave earlier than the "afternoon."

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    Thanks for the quick reply and the welcome!

    I was wary about the long drives as well esp at night. Thanks a lot for the tips.

    So, if we end up including our stopovers and come back to Chicago say Sunday night, do you think hitting 3 destinations that are so far apart is too much in ten days?


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    Default Tuesday?

    On Tuesday evening, I think you mean NC-Tennessee and your destination is somewhere in the vicinity of the Smokies.

    It is not clear where on the NC coast your beach stay will be. If it's the northern section of the coast, say, the Nags Head area, be advised it's 600 miles from there to the Smokies, depending upon where you're planning to be up in the mountains. Along the way you'll pass through at least one major metropolitan area- Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, and two slightly smaller metro areas--Greensboro and Winston-Salem. The segment from Asheville to the Smokies is all mountains, so if you're headed for Gatlinburg, some slow travel must be assumed. The point being it's not really an "evening drive", it's instead an all-day drive on some fairly crummy Interstates (particularly west of Winston-Salem where I-40 is a bit old, rough, and mostly 2 lanes each way all the way to and beyond Asheville).

    In my humble opinion , the trip is more difficult from the middle NC coast, where one runs a gauntlet of towns between Atlantic Beach/Morehead City back up to Raleigh. A bit easier if your beach stay is on the southern coast, in the vicinity of Wilmington, where just 2-2.5 hours brings you up I-40 to Raleigh at 70 mph all the way.

    Have fun planning and taking your RoadTrip!


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