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  1. Default San Fran - South Lake Tahoe - Mammoth Lakes - Vegas - May 2010

    I've planned a road trip for the first two weeks of May 2010. We are driving a ford mustang from San Francisco to Las Vegas:

    San Francisco - 4 nights
    South Lake Tahoe - 1 night
    Mammoth Lakes - 1 night
    Stovepipe Wells, Death Valley - 1 night
    Las Vegas - 3 nights

    Then we are flying from Las Vegas to San Diego for 4 nights. We have all our accommodation booked but would be greatful for any suggestions on what sites we should see along our way to vegas. If anyone has recommendations for places to eat etc along the way that would be great. I'm also hoping all the roads will be ok at this time of year.

    Suggestions and comments welcome :-)

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    SF to Vegas is far and away the most popular trip discussion on this forum, so if you look around a little, you'll find a ton of information.

    I will note that on your current plan you are missing out on Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks, and the Pacific Coast Highway on your routing. I don't know if you've been to those other places before, but personally, I'd prefer them to Lake Tahoe. However, it is also worth noting that early may will also likely before Tioga and some of the other Sierra Passes will open, so that means crossing near Lake Tahoe or to the south near Bakersfield could be your only option.

    You might also reconsider flying to San Diego. Its only about a 6 hour drive, and when you consider that you'll spend at least 3 hours in airports/on planes (once you factor in security and other hassles added onto the hour long flight) plus you'll likely spend quite a bit more money if you end up renting another car in San Diego, flying may be more of a hassle than driving.

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    Hi Michael,

    We wanted to go see Lake Tahoe and go through Death Valley and the route we are taking seemed the best. I know we'll miss yosemite national park as we cannot access tioga pass in may but i'm sure the drive all along route 395 is spectacular itself. We were restricted also to the number of days that we had. We did also consider driving to san diego but then thought we'd be fed up driving by the time we get to vegas. So flying it is. There was alot to consider so hopefully it all works out.

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    When driving between Lake Tahoe and Mammoth I like to stop by the Bodie State Park. It's a ghost town in a preserved state of decay. Rather than fixing it up, the California state park system has decided to keep it looking like it was when abandoned. It's a bit of a detour just north of Bridgeport on highway 395, but it's worth it to see what an old west mining town.

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