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    I'll be starting up medical school in the fall and have always wanted to head out west. I don't have much money or a ton of time, but it's something I've got to do. Me and two other buddies don't mind keeping it cheap and roughing it if we have to. We're looking at early July for about 2 weeks or so (like I said, not much time). We want to hit California definately, I would like to see some redwoods, Yellowstone for sure, other than that no solid destinations. What would you suggest - do you have a similar route lined up? I'm looking to spend $800 or so. With a fuel efficient car and bills split three ways I feel that is reasonable since were not looking at going to any big ticket items. This is a first for me so if there is any other info you need just let me know. thanks. Oh, leaving from Florida. Guess you probably needed that information.

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    I think your goals are probably more than what you can realistically do in 2 weeks

    First a trip that includes "California" and Yellowstone starting from "Florida" is going to be about 7000 miles so doing that in 2 weeks means you'll have to cover 500 miles a day. That's about the maximum we recommend for a days travel, and if you're driving 500 miles (8-10 hours) a day, that's going to leave almost no time leftover for sightseeing. At most, you'd have just a day or two total to spend exploring or you're going to be looking at driving days that are just too much to be reasonable or safe.

    I think I would make a choice of either California (southern California at that) or Yellowstone, and not try to zig-zag so much north and south just you can keep your miles down a bit. I think you'll have a lot more fun if you actually have time to enjoy some of the things you are driving so far to see!

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