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    Hi everyone,

    I'm planning a wedding and road trip at the same time, and was hoping for advice on whether this idea is completely unrealistic. My fiance and I live in Boston at the moment, but his family is all in Seattle. I'm Australian, and most of my friends live overseas.

    We want to have the wedding in Seattle at his family's home in October, but it's a big expense for my friends and family to come out for the wedding, so we want to make it as memorable as possible (hiccups and problems are part of the adventure too!). Dealing with different peoples schedules, we came up with this idea:

    Some friends would arrive in late September and we would do a few days sightseeing around New England for the start of the Fall season. Then about 10-15 of us (including 3 children and a baby) would rent an RV and a passenger van (bringing tents with us) and spend about 10-12 days crossing the country (Pennsylvania-Ohio-Indiana-Missouri--Kansas-Colorado-Utah-Nevada-Oregon) to get to Seattle for the wedding on 10 October. We would use the RV as a "mother ship" that sleeps the kids/parents, and the rest of us would pitch tents. We were also thinking of bringing 2-3 bicycles along, so that people can do a few cycling days and not be cooped up for the whole trip.

    My questions are:
    1) Would we actually have time to see anything, or would we just be driving the whole time?
    2) Would it be wiser/more economical to just rent 2-3 cars and stay in motels?
    3) Is this too long to keep kids cooped up (12,11, and 5 years old)?
    4) Any other advice (warnings?!) you can offer?

    Thanks for your advice!

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    Default Advanced Complications

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    While I think you've got very laudable goals, I think you might be biting off more than you can chew.

    On a logistic level, I don't think you'd be able to do this with just one RV. Even the largest RVs available simply won't have enough seats for 10-15 people. You'd either have to get 2 RVs or do a combination of RVs and cars. Your time would be ok, you'll need about a week to make the drive will full days on the road, so 10-12 days give you time to either do shorter days or spend a couple days at specific locations along the way, but you will certainly have to keep your eye on the clock.

    My bigger concern, however, is the two massive undertakings you're talking about. Planning a cross country trip for 10+ people is a huge challenge, because of the logistics of keeping a large and diverse group organized and finding ways to make everyone happy. Planning a wedding is also a huge undertaking that while fun, it is stressful enough when you're planning it in your backyard. Trying to plan a wedding on the other side of the country, plus dealing with helping your international friends, is going to make the planning that much more difficult. Either of these things will be stressful by themselves, but I would be very concerned that by trying to do both you would simply not be able to enjoy anything and would really make this joyful time a pretty miserable and overwhelming experience.

    While I love your idea and the thought process behind it, I think you would be better off by focusing on your wedding, and letting your guests figure out how they want to spend their time on their own.

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    Default I agree

    Michael must have missed the part with regards to the passenger van and tents but other than that I agree with what he has said, great idea on paper but so much responsibility on the lead up to your big day.

    Would it not be a lot easier to meet up in Seattle a couple of weeks ahead of the wedding, and do some days out and catching up while keeping on top of your wedding plans ?

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    Thanks Michael and Dave,

    The wedding itself is going to be pretty low-key, precisely because it's on the other side of the country. There will be no more than 30-40 people (so our road trip crew is basically 1/3 of the guests), and it's really just going to be a glorified BBQ at his parents place. Neither of us wants a "traditional" wedding - we would rather spend the money that would normally go on venues, flowers and dresses on an experience like driving across the country that we (and our friends!) can remember forever!

    I'm a great believer in biting off more than you can chew, and then chewing like crazy. For the most part, it has worked well! He's in the military and is pretty good with logistics, and I've done lots of planning for weird and wonderful events - I reckon it's time to start planning! Thank you for the advice - I hope you won't mind me coming back for more help as the ideas come together!

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    Default For sure.

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowhaus View Post
    Thanks Michael and Dave,
    - I hope you won't mind me coming back for more help as the ideas come together!
    Of course not, please do !

    With regards to your original questions.

    1] You would have time to stop along the route, but even with short stops it can take a while to "round up the troops" in a large party and certainly 12 days would be more relaxed.

    2] Three cars and Motels is likely to be more economical by the time all the associated costs are added up. It will also save time on setting up tents and give those that might want a little "down time" the space to do so but camping can be fun. Maybe that's one for the group to decide as it could only take a couple of them not to like the "great outdoors" to make things a little weird.

    3] As for the kids, [and adults alike] they should be fine as long as you take plenty of breaks to let of steam on route and keep them involved in the trip. You will find Lot's of info throughout the RTA site to help with your planning, like this thread here on places just off Interstate.

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    What a fantastic list - thank you for that link, and for the answers to my questions. I'm off to do some research!

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