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    Default Car hire from UK (especially one way)

    Just thought this might be useful as I have ben putting in a tonne of research on this for an upcoming trip.

    Seems that one-way charges vary HUGELY...

    For the best prices, and seem to have the best deals

    Budget/Alamo seem to be the best priced of them all for us Brits


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    Kayak is one of the best sites for comparing prices, and I use it quite frequently myself.

    However, the one thing you really do have to be careful of on a site like that is to make sure that all of the comparisons are apples to apples - especially when you're talking about something a bit more complex like a one way car rental. Make sure that all of the prices being quoted include things like taxes, the one way fee, a potential underage driver fee, etc. Since each company handles those things a bit differently (for example, Hertz doesn't even add a one way fee, it just factors the additional charge into the daily rate), it can be hard for a comparison site like Kayak to really include all of the variables.

    I also wouldn't get too caught up in brand names if you are looking for the best price. Alamo/Budget may have the best prices for a trip on a specific set of days between two cities, but its entirely possible that a different company will have a better rate if you are traveling on a different set of days or between a different set of cities. In fact, rental rates can change so frequently that even if all the other variables are the same, you might find a different company may have better rate 2 weeks from now.

    Its usually easy and penalty free to cancel a car rental reservation, so if you find a good price, lock it in - but keep shopping as you might find an even better deal down the road.

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    I regularly hire a car in the US and the last few trips have used Always book the car before travelling. It is so confusing renting over there with all the add on's they say you should have. Rental companies never used to charge for one way's in the same state but that's all stopped. As Midwest Michael says Hertz include their one way fee in the daily rate. Just got back after a couple of months in Florida and had a Hertz car for the last couple of days with a one way to Tampa airport. It does make comparisons difficult but they did work out quite a bit better than some of the others I tried. Good Luck.

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